Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • i tested those examples, but no one work when i save the project in html 5, added the project on my ftp, the project don't run at all, tested every example, the screen stay completly black without any 3d view of the examples...

    in local that work, but when exported to html5 on an ftp the project don't run.

  • imothep85

    All i can think of is that you don't have minification disabled when you export, so make sure you do that, or your server has some cross-origin problems. What do you mean by exported on "my ftp"? what are you exporting to, ftp is a protocol i don't know what your transferring to... I need more details to understand the problem you're having. Specifics about how to reproduce the problem etc. Your issues can be related to various things, but your simply being too vague for me to help.

  • well in c2 i export the project in html5 format to my ftp but nothing works, im going to try without minification

  • i understand nothing to this plugin....honestly.......i export a simple sphere in obj from 3ds max, and it seems impossible to SHOW the 3d sphere, when i run the project local or from my ftp............

  • look at the examples... its really easy.

    add Q3D master to your layout.

    add a Q3D model object

    set the "use model" property to yes

    import the model file you created into the files folder in the project bar.

    write the name of the model in the "model filename" field

    run preview.


    I have a feeling you aren't really looking at the examples carefully enough. I could not make the process of loading a model simpler if I tried to.

  • oki ihave done all of that, it load the sphere, but if i add a point light, the scene crashes everytime, it freeze my 8 core computer, 12gb ram, 2gb nvidia LOL so, wait............... 1 sphere, one ligth and that freeze my computer???

    can someone explain that???

    PS: skyrim fullhd is fluid

    Crysis 3 fullhd is fluid


    i think something is really wrong with this plugin... how a simple sphere obj (960 polys), one point light can freeze the construct scene???

    if i remove the light i added, it works when i add a light the app freeze.............

  • the scene freeze, and after, the 3d sphere disapear and its impossible to continue, the browser freeze.......... i don't know how the lighs in this pluggin are developed, but it's done wrong...

  • you're the only person with these issues... something is likely wrong with what you're doing. Are you sure you're adding "one point light", or are you adding a light every frame? Do you honestly think its the plugins fault if you're the only one who's having any of the issues stated? Send me a .capx with your issue and we can rule out the problems, otherwise you just seem to be antagonizing me as I repeatedly try to help you, which i don't understand at all. The examples show performance well beyond "a single sphere and light" and you have access to them...

    You're being extremely rude for no reason as i try to provide support.

  • i have nothing against you i appreciate the help, but im trying just to see my sphere working, a tried all the differents lights, but its the same problem , browser and app freeze. i add the llight when q3master is on screen.

    and that was the problem i found right now, light is working, i tried also a lot of method for making the shadows less present but nothing works,

  • I can only help you if you provide a capx for me to look at. I'm presuming there is a language barrier and you are not communicating your issues to me clearly enough.

  • I'm looking forward to the next update to test with XDK/Cordova. The current version 2.1 fails to wrap the files folder content into the game.

  • Hi again, wondering if there's a possibility to get a special, slight "feature stripped" version of the Q3D model and Q3D master plugins? The way I'm using them, I have no need for phong materials (specular, ambient, normal, bump, etc) nor do I need lighting effects (shadows, etc) overall.

    I'm aiming to make something with more of a 'pixel' aesthetic. And I'd rather not want to set up emissive to (255,255,255) and filtering to nearest (and the like) for every new Q3D Model I create. I have attempted myself to achieve this by looking through the runtime.js of the Q3D Model, and I am able to replace

    this.sharedMaterial = new THREE.MeshPhongMaterial();[/code:3azwq37x] 
    [code:3azwq37x]this.sharedMaterial = new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial();[/code:3azwq37x]
    and get ... somewhat desirable effects. It feels like I'm butchering your code, which makes my inner programmer cry in guilt. Furthermore, I'm not sure of how I would patch any resulting instabilities and problems. So, rather than trying to hack my way through things, I'm asking you instead - It wouldn't be that hard? Right? And to clarify, I want this for optimization reasons. The lightning features currently in are all very impressive and all that, but for a project that doesn't require nor need those features, using phong materials seems a little overkill. 
    Surely, no code handling light nor advanced materials would mean a plus in performance when they're not used, right? Additionally - in this version - making filtering to nearest the default of the Q3D model would be very appreciated. 
    Thanks in beforehand!
  • Polygallon

    I'm not sure about setting all filtering to nearest as the default, most devs would expect interpolated textures. Your changes aren't really going to work as the code for materials is quite a bit more involved to properly recycle models. But i assume you know that since you changed the shared material. For the filtering i'll perhaps make it use the option selected in c2.

    There's already a way to use a basic material with your models. you simply have to export your models' .js file from blender with them and use model materials. The performance gain you're likely to get from just using basic materials is small. Alternatively (probably like 98% as fast as basic) delete all normal lights and just place one ambient light in your scene. All the extra shader effects for the phong wouldn't be created, as from what i understand the lighting shaders are only compiled into the webgl program if you actually have positional lights in the scene (ambient light doesn't count). Either of these work arounds would do the job.

    I'll see about adding some method to define the default material more easily. I left it out this version because it leads to a host of issues if the material can be dynamically changed. I'm not too into making a version with changes for just one person

  • Polygallon

    ... I'm not too into making a version with changes for just one person

    Nono, that's understandable. Guess it was kinda silly for me to ask that

    Since the performance improvement doing it like I suggested would be near nil anyway, I'll have to look into my code again on how to speed things up. Thanks for the quick reply and your helpful suggestions - and keep up the good work!

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  • my other question is how to similate a gold or silver effect without shaders??? because imulate gold with a texture its hard, same for silver, copper etc

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