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  • Construct2&3 Cordova Plugins

    https://www.scirra.com/store/construct2 ... ugins-1662

    Including 96+ construct2&3 cordova plugins. (currently 87 plugins)

    See all the plugins list from here: http://cranberrygame.github.io/request_ ... a_plugins/

    You can also buy Games With Construct2 Cordova Plugins from here: https://www.scirra.com/store/games-with ... ugins-2718

    *You can supported in scirra store board: construct2-cordova-plugins-plugins_t164385


    Sang Ki Kwon

  • You'd better change the name of that plugin, I foresee issues in compatibility with the official c2 plugin when it will be released.

    Also, instead of making thousands of plugins (which takes me a lot of time to list) you should put all the functions in a single plugin, that would be better for everybody.

  • Kyatric

    I am not sure.

    Put similar features into a plugin is a good idea, but put all into one plugin might not be better.

    Or C2 will only has "system" plugin for all official plugins.

  • Or cranberrygame could only have single thread to put all related plugins, in a list. So that Kyatric only need maintain one link.

  • rexrainbow: All his plugins are hardly a couple of actions/expressions nor conditions, related to Phonegap, but split up so he can ask 3 to 5$ for each.

    Making a single phonegap plugin that has all the features (even if selling the plugin for XX$, I don't mind, as long as people are ready to put that much money into features that probably will be available in the long term in the official version, that's their problem) would be far less work to maintain from a programming, a user and forum side.

  • Kyatric

    please, don't go to one direction.

    i thirsted the phonegap-related plugin.

    because that can make me possible to make android, blackberry10, ios, windows8, wp8 apps.

    multi platform is the core of html5, i and most of all think.

    all members in scirra agreed with that, but seems not to agree with that in reality.

    i need all that platforms in deed.

    any way, you request one price.

    i suggested one price for all phonegap related plugins before.

    but two persons agreeed and donated to me.

    so, i decided to increase the participation in phonegap native project.

    i splited the price.

    that resulted increasing the phonegap use.

    my thirst for the phonegap plugin is not changeless.

    i want to talk with open mind.

    i didn't this work because i'm able man.

    but my desire for that made me make phonegap related plugins for my phonegap thirst.

  • I don't request one price, I request to have all the features in a single plugin which would make it far more maintainable and usable for every one.

    From what I understand from what you are saying (hard to understand, so I may be wrong), you are mainly craving for money since your first releases had to few users/payers to your taste.

    Phonegap was/is not really the best export method at the moment, so it wasn't a priority.

    Yourself did not make plugins for those two years. And strangely, from the moment that the first commercial plugin (Q3D) was released and close after statements that Phonegap will soon become a viable export method in a few versions, you started flooding the plugin forums with your "thirst" and your prices.

    You are allowed to speak your open mind, so am I. I am a bit suspicious about those "coincidences".

    As far as I'm concerned, I'm thinking about simply not listing those commercial plugins anymore, as I find it distasteful and it represents quite some work for me each month.

    And as apparently you're not really wanting to help me out anyway, why should I bother.

  • Kyatric

    put all the functions in one c2 phonegap plugin was reasonable in phonegap 3.0 before.

    but phonegap was changed to ought to specify all the plugins which is required from 3.0 version.

    so to put all the functions in one plugin is not reasonable because if so must install all the native plugins (also permissions) and can't distinguish the native plugins which must be needed to be installed.

    i converted all phonegap core plugins from paid to free.



    renamed from "Phonegap" to "Phonegap Close" for c2 official Phonegap plugin.

    and put all phonegap related plugins in this one thread for you to manage phonegap related plugins in one thread easily.

  • appended to upper post

  • appended to upper post

  • Could you please stop double posting and instead edit you post if you want to add something to them.

  • I don't know why you choice phonegap

    You love Lagggggggggggggggg?

    I promise i'll buy all of plugin if it is crosswalk/cjs etc

    즐거운 하루 되세요.

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  • I don't know why you choice phonegap

    You love Lagggggggggggggggg?

    I promise i'll buy all of plugin if it is crosswalk/cjs etc

    ??? ?? ???.

    This is an English speaking forum, so please stick to English.

    Also, phonegap on iOS at least will be much faster with iOS 8. Don't know about android.

  • fongka2

    i usually make puzzle games and so phonegap is not bad performance (no lagging) in that categories.

    and also phonegap supports almost all platforms (android, blackberry10, ios, widows8, wp8) in one way and one API interface.


  • rexrainbow

    thanks for your clever suggestion very much.

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