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  • > I don't know why you choice phonegap

    > You love Lagggggggggggggggg?

    > I promise i'll buy all of plugin if it is crosswalk/cjs etc

    > ??? ?? ???.


    This is an English speaking forum, so please stick to English.

    Also, phonegap on iOS at least will be much faster with iOS 8. Don't know about android.

    = =

    I run my game safari very smooth too

    but Android = lagggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    no games can get over 20fps

  • It's about native api integration of mobile devices.

    CocoonJS has the best fps and audio performance so far,

    but it seems CocoonJS has only gamecenter(Googleplay serveice), camera, notification, Mopub and FB; furthermore, as a C2 user, in the long 2.5 years, we finally got gamecenter and Mopub worked correctly in recent 2 months. Thanks for androidtimo's back button and sergyperov's notification, and we can't access FB till now

    We had ever paid much attention on IntelXDK since its name is Appmobi. With Tap's hard work, the IntelXDK had ever been the best solution with directcanvas speed, barcode, camera, fixed orientation and multi-thread audio. The device compatibility had been the superiority of IntelXDK than CocoonJS. However, what leftover of IntelXDK we got? Yes, the not-bad performance Crosswalk ANDROID ONLY.

    Phonegap is the wrapper with worst performance for now, and you can't even make any tolerable commercial game without music; however, it has the most native-like app opening experience(IntelXDK and CocoonJS has a terrible 10 seconds wrapper opening time.), and we can see that in 2.5 years, with the improvement of mobile devices themself, the fps performance has 10 times increased.(In my case, 2fps to 30 fps)

    It maybe a good chance, when iOS8 comes(Android should also do something reactive.), Phonegap exporter with plugins of native api integration may finally empower C2 mobile games technically upside with other game apps.

    I respect the plugins what cranberrygame made for us no matter they're free, paid or donate-requested. Also, I won't regret for my donation or payment for them if there were anyone made free versions. Like what R0J0, Pode, rexrainbow, thehen, Lunarray and all the great plugin makers do, Phonegap plugins provide opportunities for C2 users to fight against other serious game engines

    I think we desperately need more and more alternative mobile wrappers/services/plugins for C2 for commercial development. The diversity will make endeavoured C2 users more adaptable among increasing users of Unity, Stencyl, Salad, GM Studio and Unreal(Blueprint).

  • gonzdevour

    You have cheered and supported me.

    I wish you succeed to get your goal and I will be happy if I am helpful to you.

    I thank really for your supporting me.

  • Nice work cranberrygame , it would be so nice if you could make plugins for other wrappers to like, Crosswalk or Cjs.

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  • These plugins already work with Crosswalk.

    and marked [crosswalk] mark which represent supporting crosswalk to each plugin.

    Thank you

  • I end up using Phonegap every time because of specific native features not supported in the other wrappers. Because of great community work Phonegap is by far the most versatile way for us to make mobile games with C2, and with iOS8 (and hopefully a new Android version) performance will not be an issue for long. I look forward to an official C2 plugin for Phonegap but it will never be able to accommodate all the Phonegap plugins anyway. That's why these plugins are needed if we want to use C2 and still keep up with the variety of native features, and I really respect this work of For example: How cool would it be to use iBeacons in your game? Last month somebody made that possible via a 3rd party plugin on Phonegap. Would it be supported by an official C2 plugin? I hardly think so. But maybe users such as cranberrygame ended up enabling us to do so via a great plugin (the idea is yours to take https://build.phonegap.com/plugins/936) and that would be so much more helpfull for C2 and all the users than Kyatric complaining about a list to be updated (sorry to say that). And I think it's only fair to receive donations for such work. Maybe the announced C2 shop will make it less "distasteful" for you too.

  • omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all plugin support crosswalk!!!!~!~!~

    Will you make a Offer Package to buy all of plugin with a low price?

  • If I get Phonegap Admob and Phonegap GameCenter, I will be able to export my app to both iOS (with Admob working + game center API working) and Android (adMob) ? Is it possible to add an ad of a certain dimension, that shows in the lower part of the screen?

    I know how to use Intel XDK to export my apps and make them work on an Android device. Haven't done it for iOS yet. Is it as easy?

    I need to know if this will work with no issues, as I am trying to find the most efficient way to integrate these things I listed on my last project. Let me know if this is working well as of now, thank you.

  • alvarop

    Yes, you can do all what you say.

    but admob plugin has banner problem position when fix to one position in ios.

    if you use interstitial ad, it doesn't matter.

    and if you can deal with mac, export to ios (phonegap export) and building is easy thing.


  • Cool. What type of banner position problems? I need to put the ad in a certain part of the game screen, I'm not quite sure if I want to go with interstitial (but I could... I don't know). Please let me know more about this and if there is any fix. (If you can provide an example of positioning problems, I'd appreciate it)

  • jan2000

    Thanks for your cheering me.


    Just, buy and use each when you need.


  • The banner problem is only in ios

    and when you let aoto rotation setting to all direction, works well.

    but let setting to one direction, some banner display problem.

    If you use iAd in ios app, no problem in ios.

    (If you can use iAd in ios, I can give you iAd plugin for nothing)


  • In this case, I actually need Admob to work well, as that is one of the requirements from my client. I guess I'd have to test it out to see how it works and how I can fix it. It would just be a shame to throw away my money for something that doesn't work. I'm guessing in the worst case scenario, I could just e-mail you for plugin support after purchase?

  • I made the admob native plugin and support it. (including bug fix)

    and you can apply the purchased plugins to your all other projects.

    I think it sufficiently worth paying.

    At first, how about publishing android version.

    As you work every day, I also works for making plugins and fixing bugs every day.


  • Oh for sure, I didn't meant to say your plugin wasn't worth it or to insult you in any way. It's just that I have to deliver a product and I want to make sure that it will be as good as it can. I'm hoping I can provide a good product thanks to your plugin.

    I will definitely try it out. You can expect a purchase from me in the following days.

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