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  • I'm getting an error with the LocalNotification plugin:

    Javascript error! Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'notification' of undefined (localhost) PhonegapLocalNotification_plugin.js, line 132 (col 19)

  • TwinTails

    see native plugin section in readme.txt

    and add phonegap native plugin

  • I wish there was a way to get both the banners and the interstitial ads (Admob plugin). Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a way. Trying to see if there is a way to combine this plugin with this one : and maybe make it work...

  • alvarop

    Updated and sent you email

    I'll be happy if you feedback test.


  • The update worked great for me. Thank you for your help!

  • cranberrygame Just manged to test your Phonegap AdMob plugin and I am really happy that ads just work now (compared to CocoonJS).

    Can you explain please what is the difference between preload and refresh ad? What is the best action to make sure the ad is preloaded: preload or refresh?

    On your test capx, if I press ShowFullScreenAd button I get a fullscreen ad the first time, but any press after that will show no ad. I have to either preload or refresh ad and then the ads is showing

    One more thing: reading the README.TXT file I got confused about using config.xml, phonegap cli, or export for phonegap. If I use (new) XDK , do I need to worry about those tings?

    Thanks again for your great work. finally I got AdMob ads working

  • cranberrygame You say you've converted the paid plugins to free, are you going to update the links?

  • FredQ

    congratulate your admob integration success


    First, congratulate your admob integration success.

    You said the difference of preload and refresh, I don't have other wrapper experences and the other wrapper's concept.

    I set the concept of preload to initialize for the first time + load ad from network and set refresh to just load ad from network.

    So for performace, You call preload at first and show when you need to show ad.

    Simply, you can think preload and refresh (both load) are to get new one ad from network for the future and store temporary store place.

    and show to just get out and show it.


    and if confused about README.TXT, I will need to edit for simplicity.

    Thanks for your supporting me with your purchase.


    Now updated finally

    some plugins paid the others free.

  • Great plugins. keep the great work!

  • Is there a possibility to incorporate a "mute" function in the volumeSlider plugin or it has nothing to do with it? I'm currently having some trouble with sound on Android and it could be very useful to have something like that.

    Also, Admob plugin seems to be working well with the update. It does take a little bit for the ads to load, which I think is normal?

  • Thanks very much



    VolumeSlider plugin is on ios.

    You say request it (system volume) on android?


    Take little time to get ads from network is thought to be normal.

    So use preload function before really show ad, ,expecially when interstitial ad.

  • It seems like out of the box, system volume on android is not working well with Construct 2. I'm not sure, but I can't get it to work properly. Maybe there is a plugin for that too, but I don't know.

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  • System volume on android is not working well with Construct 2. => ask other people

    So If possible, system volume plugin is needed on android?


  • That's what I'm saying, pretty much. But I don't know if I'm right, there might be people who have found a workaround. All I know is that, out of the box, you cannot export with Crosswalk and expect system volume controls to work properly on a mobile device.

  • Hi I need to put ads into my game. I currently use Intel XDK and always export to Crosswalk. Do you have a solution for me that will definitely work? Willing to pay.

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