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  • i see, yea sizing is fine with Ejecta, just seems to ignore the plugin effect (it hides the <class> stuff like it should) like bold and or italics.

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  • Oh, so it's sizing with cocoonJS and styles with ejecta? F***...

    I hope rexrainbow finds a solution...

  • rexrainbow

    Indeed, for languages ​​such as Hebrew and Arabic.

    And one more thing, the plugin acts strange when combined with the scrolling option.

    Any idea why?

  • Thanks rexrainbow for the Plugin.. I hope it compatible with CoconJS (from the looks of it, it'll likely work).

    is there a way to support "RTL (languages)" text with this plugin?

  • ahmadmanga

    Uh, I need more time to do that. I am working at other plugin recently.

  • part12studios it does work in iOS imho, at least under cocoonJS in my Ipad through the cocoonJS-App. The sizing is wrong unfortunately.

    What's the result if you use official text object with cocoonjs? Is the sizing correct?

    I can't make official text or Tagtext show the same font size among PCweb/Android/iOS......

    Maybe the font size and text position need to be adjusted by case......

  • gonzdevour I'm not using CocoonJS, I have been using Ejecta as my wrapper of choice. it works very well (other than this plugin) overall.

    I was using the courier new font. I believe I tested another font and it didn't matter. Just seems like this plugin gets ignored by the Ejecta wrapper.

  • gonzdevour The normal Text doesn't work at all with CocoonJS, since it's normal html. I haven't tried the Spritefonts, but afaik they work good.

    I'm hoping for rexrainbow to find a fix for this plugin.

  • Hey rex, thanks again for a life-saving plugin.

    Is there any way to apply a style for certain words based on the mouse position, for example?

    Like, when the user clicks the a word inside a text object, the word becomes bold.


    my super life saver,will you add this at next new version too plzzzzzz

  • For now I'm having to use an array to count the words in an external file and position the words on the screen. Totally boring and error prone.

    rexrainbow will it be possible in the future to treat each word as an object, so we can get it's individual position? thanks

  • It is possible, but I don't have enogh time, sorry I could not implement recently.

    I try to write some document for my older plugins.

  • Smolli

    official text plugin and my rex_tagtext plugin could run at cocoonJS. You might try them again,

  • rexrainbow I'm not experienced in how plugins work exactly, but I wonder if you could look into the latest Ejecta wrapper. I'ts a really really nice iOS wrapper, however rex_tagtext seems to simply not work. I believe Ejecta is going to gain more popularity as CocoonJS seems to not updat

    When I tested it, using a typewriter effect, I noticed that it did work in terms of masking the <class> type stuff as the type writer effect typed out in real time (i had to increase the type text speed to mask the brief time you could actually see the <class> stuff appear, but when the <end> part appears the other side the <stuff> would vanish but the text in between would still not appear bold and/or italics.

    This same plugin ran through a browser shows the text fine. So it just seems like for whatever reason, using Ejecta ignores the bold / italics request



  • rexrainbow no problem, take your time ;]

  • Thanks for this great plugin!

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