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  • Document, plugin and sample capx are included.

    Another tag text-like plugin: BBCode text.

  • oooh ! this is a great one rexrainbow!

  • Looks very nice.

  • A good plugin, could even animate the parameters. But I found a bug:

    tokencount(TagText,index,separator) doesn't return proper values.

    Is it possible to create tags on runtime? Example: for loop, which runs number of letters times and creates a separate tag with unique parameters for each letter.

  • xoros

    This plugin only could define font style by events now. I might try runtime support next time.

  • Update

    Add inline style. Capx

    <style="color:#F00;">Some text</style>
    <style="font-family:Georgia;">Some text</style>
    <style="font-size:20px;">Some text</style>
    <style="font-weight:bold;">Some text</style>
    <style="font-style:italic;">Some text</style>
    or mix them
    [code:l1uhxgay]<style="color:#F00;font-size:20px">Some text</style>[/code:l1uhxgay]rexrainbow2013-12-17 16:56:28
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  • That is a really nice plugin.

    I am wondering. From where do Font Families come from?

    How can I get, and ensure that font families exist on target machines or deployed games?



  • grossd

    I don't know, maybe you could ask Pode .

  • Hey rex, thanks again for a life-saving plugin.

    Is there any way to apply a style for certain words based on the mouse position, for example?

    Like, when the user clicks the a word inside a text object, the word becomes bold.

  • No, it could not do that, sorry.

  • Super Plugin, testing it in cocoonjs, but the framerate drops to 2 fps using it. Any ideas how to solve this?

    I tried different settings, but without difference.

    Edit 2: Nah, damn, the errors and warnings below are standard for any app in cocoon, so, no help...

    Edit: I tried your demo and it gets different warnings:

    Not implemented canvas addEventListener: webglcontextrestored

    Not implemented canvas addEventListener: webglcontextlost

    Not found getElementById: c2canvasdiv

    Not implemented window addEventListener: message

    and some errors, constantly growing:

    Get Resource XHR '_reloadpoll_?_=1393350978742': Timeout (0.45 seconds)

    and lots of these same errors.

    Hope this helps, hope you have time to find a solution

  • Smolli

    Uh, thanks for these error information. I will try to fix it. This plugin only could be used in html and nodewebkit export.

  • Thanks for the info, but have you read my second edit? I think these are normal cocoon or c2 errors and have nothing to do with your plugin.

    I tried adding a cache-parameter to enhance the fps, but without change.

    If it's only useful for html and nodewebkit than maybe I should really stick with Phonegap for now. I was just wishing for working way to add marked-up text to the canvas. Not easy as I read through the web...

    BTW, your Plugins you have created are amazingly helpful. A big thanks for all your work!!!

  • wow that is incredible.. thank you so much for making this plugin! This was a life saver..

    On a side note, does anyone know if underlining text is something that could be achieved?

    I realize C2 doesn't offer an underline option, but I just wonder how that could be a achieved if at all? I've had to do hacks like actually place a line graphic under text to create the illusion of underlining but of course this could be a problem very easily if anything dynamic were to occur.

  • Smolli



    Now this tagtext plugin could run at cocoonJS.

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