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  • Hi,

    #1 Browsers run javascript only once per sec while page is in background or minimized. I don't know if Construct 2 or browsers support handling of these events. If not, you may try detect them by measuring time between calls. After going to bg detected, you may send notification to other players or leave the room.

    #2 Most likely exported binary does not contain WebSocket object required for plugin. Several different websocket modules available for nodejs but they do not expose WebSocket objects in global namespace like browsers do. Probably some sort of adapter required. It's not clear currently how to integrate nodejs, websocket and Construct 2 plugin.

  • Thanks for the reply ThePhotons , any idea on how diligently you guys are working on updates for the plugin?

  • Hi ThePhotons, if i start the default pool example with NW.js formerly known as node.js this is the error message i get.


    I hope that helps fixing the issue.

    • Edit -

    I figured i add a link to the edited project as well for convenient further testing

    NW.js_poolDemo.capx link

  • Thanks for the reply ThePhotons , any idea on how diligently you guys are working on updates for the plugin?

    What exactly you are waiting update for? We are not planning updates currently.

  • Things I'd like in no particular order are :working exporting to NW.js (currently doesnt connect) , some documentation on the Functions , and maybe more of the convenient functions added from the other versions of photon ~

  • Thanks for suggestions.

    We are working on (server side) NW.js issue now.

    We don't have enough time to expose all js sdk features in plugin and it'a not clear what is most demanded currently. Basics should be enough for most simple games. Note also that some features probably will never be in plugin since it's hard to express them in terms of visual editor.

    The plugin already has short notes on functions and parameters as any other Construct 2 plugin does. You can find more details in js sdk documentation https://doc-api.photonengine.com/en/javascript/current/ considering that all plugin functions based on sdk methods.

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  • cant seem to get this to work with plat-former behaviour , any help or a capx would be good

  • What is special about platformer? The plugin simply broadcast messages (e.g. with character positions) to all other clients in the room. Using this simple thing, you can keep in sync clients for any genre.

  • jezzarb94 use the fish example and convert it to platformer, it will work fine ~ and ThePhotons hows that NW.js fix coming along?

  • The NW.js issue is still open. Sorry. Our server team was super busy last days. Just started processing the task.

  • Hi all,

    Since it seems the standard Multiplayer object from Scirra is not working properly with players in different networks (except LAN), I would like to start using this plug-in in Construct 2.

    Is there any complete tutorial step-by-step and for begginers about how to start to use it?

    Any good and basic example regarding how to implement a multiplayer game?

    Thanks in advance!

  • asturies75 not really ~ just get the fish example and start ****ing with it until you reverse engineer it ~ thats what i did and it works fine after you figure it out ~ , just break it down to a simple send data and debug that until you get data sending ~ its all there in the fish example

  • Fish sample is all we have for Photon Construct 2 plugin currently.

    Before starting development, it would be good to get an idea how Photon Networking works in general. You may find this information on doc.photonengine.com .

  • Thanks ThePhotons for the doc link. It was helpful.

    Thanks also for the two examples. The Fish example provides a basic, solid foundation from which to 'spawn' new multiplayer games. (pun intended ). I also like the Test example as it helped me understand the relationship between a nameserver, a lobby, and a game. I look forward to other support content.

    By the way, I teach Computer Science with Jr. & Sr. High Students, and we love this multiplayer stuff since we're building a retro party-game with Construct 2.

    I'm very thankful that Exit Game is providing a Photon plugin in for Construct 2, after many 'years' of waiting. Thus, I'm wondering is such an Exit Game solution 'experimental' with the Construct 2 community - or - is this a long-term solution we can be excited about?

    Thanks in advance... Jason

  • We will support C2 long term :].

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