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  • arcadesindo

    To keep master client active, you need to run game logic at least several times per second. But this is not possible while the page is in the background as far as I know.

    Actor properties is a convenient way of sharing per actor properties. You set some named value on one client and it's updated automatically (in "On actor properties change" condition) on all other clients. You can also use room properties to share per room values

  • sir can you make a photon code to show ms or latency like in other games?

    for ex: my ping is 60ms

    For Construct 3 because i dont have Construct 2, if not

    can you just copy paste the code? or step by step on how to do it?

    thank you :)

  • Hi ThePhotons any idea for how to sync Bots into the game? so if the room was for 4 players, but within 15 secs if there are only less than 4, the remaining slots will be filled by Bots. But how can I sync the Bots each movement, action, or animation to the rest player? Thank you so much!

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  • have the bots be controlled by the master player in the room

    instead of waiting for players to join just fill the room with bots and replace bots with players as people join so the player has something to do

  • Hi

    very often getting disconects from the server.

    Please advice how to prevent it and how to reconect

    i have 2 players realtime fight.

    sending position(x/y/angle) every 0.1 sec and hits, when they are happen

    By the way, im using example template that goes with the plugin (C3) just added sending the players coordinates

  • hi 1mrpaul1

    Dou you mean that the client disconnects only when you are sending frequently? What's in your log? What if you send once per second? How large are your messages? Each message is an array of 3 floats encoded in json?

    10 messages per sec. should not be a problem for Photon client.

    The Photon plugin has "on disconnect" action in which you can connect again.

  • Hi ThePhotons I just found about Lag Compensation on PUN doc.photonengine.com/en-us/pun/current/gameplay/lagcompensation

    are this applicable for C3?

  • It's applicable fot C3 in general but of course we don't have exact equivalents of the methods used in examples. The most important missing part is the server time (PhotonNetwork.Time). You need to implement the replacement for it, e.g. send ping message to the master client regularly, measure the lag and adjust the current time received in master client's reply by this lag.

  • Hi ThePhotons when will the Photon Realtime plugin get updated again? the latest version was in February, it's been 6 months, and I'm sure that Photon has a lot of improvement on its features and the current feature is far behind

  • arcadesindo

    Not really. The Javascript SDK is currently not in active development. If you are missing something that is implemented in other SDKs, please let us know.

  • ThePhotons I see you added joinRandomOrCreateRoom() to the JavaScript SDK just a few weeks ago. Is it possible for you to add it to the C3-plugin?

    With all the createOptions available. This would be very nice and would reduce the amount of events and logic in the joining procedure of the games. (of course keep all existing actions!) :)

  • Today we got a new release of the photon plugin, with the added feature I wrote about in my previous comment. Just fyi all.



  • Today we got a new release of the photon plugin, with the added feature I wrote about in my previous comment. Just fyi all.



    that's awesome!

  • ThePhotons

    I'm wondering if you can help with an issue.

    When a player triggers an event to go to another layout and then returns to the previous, they can not see any of the actors, but the actors that are still in the first can see the returning actor. Though if all go to another layout and then back, no one can see each other.

    How can I get it so when a player joins another layout, they can see others and vice visa?

    The layouts use the same event sheet which makes the player and sets the actor number to them on joining a room or on start of layout.

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