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  • ThePhotons

    If you don't mind explaining the limitations of the free plan.

    20 Connections

    ˜8k Monthly Actives

    500 Msg/s per Room

    CCU Burst not included

    Most of us , or me rather, can't really invest in any subscription plans as I just make games for fun and aren't really sure if the concept would work or be successful enough to gather a large or even a decent player base. Do you think small games will have connection limitations with the free plan?

  • keep it up! i follow it !

  • Do you think small games will have connection limitations with the free plan?

    ll limitations are mentioned in plan description. You can have maximum 20 users online with free plan. This is most important limitation I think.

    Msg/sec/room is how much messages is sent by clients of one room within a second. You hardly can reach this limit in conventional game if it's designed properly.

    Check https://www.photonengine.com/en-US/Realtime/Pricing page for more details on plan parameters (below plan list).

  • > Now plugin and demos available as Photon Scirra SDK: https://www.photonengine.com/en-US/Real ... construct2

    > It's the same plugin as before except that self-hosted servers support added (which is not very useful until Photon server v4 is available). So you most likely do not need to update.


    ..."which is not very useful until Photon server v4 is available)" ... When will that be ThePhotons?

    orry, Photon server v4 has been available for about 2 weeks already. I did not check download page when wrote a message. Neither you did <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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  • ThePhotons Any updates on a tutorial on how to use the c2 plugin?

  • We do not provide tutorial currently. Use pool demo as template for you project. Feel free to ask if something is not clear in the demo.

    If you are not familiar with Photon, check documentation http://doc.photonengine.com/en/realtime ... time-intro

    Photon workflow is the same, no matter which platform you use.

  • I'm not sure to understand how all the thing work ô.o

    Someone have a simple movement example with key input ?

  • ThePhotons , how do i join a random room with a specific custom property, aka joining random room with a specific "map"

    the Join random room action has no way to check or assign custom properties to filter with

    i can see theres a setPropertyOfMyRoom action , but i dont see a way to join by those custom properties

  • Sorry, matching properties are not supported currently by plugin.

    It's not easy to pass dictionary (js object) with required properties to joinRandomRoom method. Setting properties one by one with special method calls before joinRandomRoom call is the only way I can imagine. But of course this is neither convenient nor safe (it's not clear when and how to clear list of set properties).

    Same applies for other missing features. It's hard to express them by means of Construct 2.

  • For the beginner who don't understand how photon work I made a Tutorial for a platformer with a chat here

  • ThePhotons it's all good man I figured a solution , I'm just applying properties to the roomname and then using regex match to filter maps by the roomname string

  • For the beginner who don't understand how photon work I made a Tutorial for a platformer with a chat here

    Great job, thanks. I added the link to initial post of this topic.

  • 2dgamedev Could you please explain with a bit of detail how to filter by room properties?

    Thanks a lot!

  • dinamicplay when you create room you can give it a String as its room name , i use the name Town+ random(0,9999) to make a string like Town2398 as an example.. then i use Regex to search for that town part of the string. if it finds it in the roomlist then join room (stringname)... that way you can join a random Town and make sure its a town and not some other random map .. because all rooms are just rooms with names since we cant use room properties .. #ranty explanation


    is there a way to access photon.time using the plugin? thinking about sending timestamps to compensate for latency

  • Thank so much Perfect explanation.

    The only thing what I need to use your proposed method is to get the Room List. I haven't seen any property or mecanishm to achive this. I guess it should be done inside both the "On Room list" event or the "On Join Lobby" , but I cannot see any property that stores this list of available rooms.

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