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  • Thanks for the Update!!

  • I was wondering that instead of asking a million different questions on how to do this and that or going through dozens of pages at the forum, if there is some sort of manual in how to understand the plugin and how it works? Now that i got it to show up, im trying to make a scorched earth type of tank game that you could destroy the terrain. I found a capx file that uses the plugin "canvas" to achieve this but im thinking this is almost the same thing.. only i dont know how it works.

  • Juicy

    I think, rather than hijacking this thread (which is really about plugin development) it might be best if you now start a new post in the 'How Do I' section and frame a clear question of what you are trying to achieve.

    This will allow many of the helpful users to chip in and hopefully guide you to where you want to be.

  • Will do. Didn't realize this was the wrong place to ask questions.

  • Juicy

    This plugin isn't really useful for doing destructible terrain. I mean it works visually but you can't do collisions with it. The canvas plugin can since you can read the pixels with it. However better than canvas is using the tilemap plugin with 1x1 tiles. With it collisions need no extra work, but it does take some more work to setup the canvas and make it erase a circle.

    Probably this:

    or this one may give some ideas:

    For best performance use only one tile on the tilemap and instead color it with another object and a blendmode.

  • R0J0hound, First I have to quickly say THANKYOUFOREVERYTHING. This plugin is awesome. Second and less caps-locky...

    I've been trying to load large images only when I need them, and then kill them off. I have a few 2048x2048 and I want to run the whole thing on iPhone. I managed to load the png inside the Paster but when I destroy it or load another image, memory still stays full. Now release in memory can be detected in CocoonJS ram profiler nor the Construct 2 data on debug. Is there a workaround on this? Can I empty unused items in the Plugin?

    Thank you once again

  • damjancd

    Try the link again. I think I haven't been considering object recycling when the instances were destroyed. now it discards the references to the textures/canvas' when an instance gets destroyed. If that doesn't work then I'm at a loss.

  • R0J0hound

    ...do i download new version from the 1st post?

  • irina

    yeah, I just updated the link.

  • R0J0hound it works in CocoonJS latest perfectly!!! Thank you. Now I can load a massive white star and unload it on demand Lazyloading on CocoonJS YEAH

  • Hi R0J0 - thanks for taking the time to make such a great plugin. I might be a bit dim, but could you explain how to use the "Load texture from canvas" correctly? What I'm trying to do is to just replicate the entire game canvas in realtime (all layers etc) and load texture from canvas seems to do this, but if the paster is placed on that same canvas it causes a sort of image recursion (which makes sense) - but is there a way to avoid this? I've tried broadcasting the game canvas to a paster object offscreen and then set up another paster object that is meant to receive this image but it still doesn't work - so I think I must just be missing something fundamentally simple about how this plugin works - my capx is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdg7lp6d6rjlx ... .capx?dl=0 - note that I realise I could achieve the reflection effect very simply by pasting the object rather than the whole canvas in this particular example, but in the context of my actual game it needs to be the whole thing. Any help much appreciated.

  • signaljacker

    I don't think you can use the action to do that, the recursion is unavoidable. The best you could do, I suppose, would be to every other frame hide the paster and then call that action the next frame and make it visible again.

    On another note, I wouldn't recommend using the "Load texture from canvas" action, as it doesn't work reliably and doesn't work at all on a lot of browsers.

    This link may be helpful though. It has an example that will paste all the objects of a layer with the correct zorder. It just requires all the object type you want to paste to be added in the events. At the very least it will help until I get ambitious enough to add layer pasting into the plugin.

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  • Thanks for the insight - if the load texture from canvas action isn't reliable I won't use it - thanks for the link to the workaround, I think I will be able to re-jig my screen to get it to do what I need - cheers!

  • I was able to make this using the plugin

  • Awesome

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