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  • Paster 0.5

    Here's a new plugin that is like the canvas plugin in that you can draw (or paste) other objects onto it's texture. It's simpler though and doesn't have any additional drawing features. The big difference is this plugin cleanly uses webgl and allows pasting objects with effects.


    • Paste object
    • Set resolution
    • clear with color
    • Draw Quad

    Key features:

    • Works fast with canvas2d and webgl, without the slowdown the canvas plugin had.
    • Paste objects with webgl effects applied.

    As a side note it's labeled as alpha since the effect rendering isn't complete yet so there are cases where effects aren't drawn right. Also the eventual plan is to merge the webgl fixes back to the canvas plugin, but I'll need to come up with ways to replicate all it's features in just webgl.



  • This is awesome!

  • That sprite trail effect is pretty sweet.

    Thanks again as always.

  • nice plugin

  • Very useful plugin. Thanks man!

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  • Who HOO! Thanks rojo!

  • So, which one do you recommend?

    If I'm targeting iOS canvas2d, is this one faster?

  • ghost

    This plugin is faster when using webgl. With canvas2d it's the same speed as the canvas plugin.

  • thxx

  • Really great to see this adapted for WebGL.

    Edit: Never mind about the comment I had here initially suggesting there was an issue with positioning. Resolution error on my part :)

    Keep up the great work!

  • R0J0hound

    Thought you might be interested in knowing that the Clear to Color action was behaving unexpectedly for me when plugging this into my project and testing on iOS via CocoonJS. I thought maybe I was just using it wrong, so I created a fresh capx and it worked just fine. Obviously, it has something to do with my project, but just for your info when I use Clear to Color, instead of filling with color a snapshot of the entire canvas (i.e. the game window) is taken and pasted upside down in the Paster object. This is the exact same functionality I was getting when testing out C2's built-in "System > take snapshot of canvas" action a few weeks ago.

    The workaround I chose was to create a pure white tiled background, fill the screen, then use the Paste Object action on the Paster object, then destroy the tiled background. This works great with no performance issues, however I thought maybe you would be interested in the report.


  • R0J0hound Hello. I'm having trouble installing the Paster plugin. I tried to install it using the .c2addon file but was unsuccessful. I opened C2 using administrative privileges but the .c2addon file failed to instill in either the plugin folder or Application Data. However there is a Construct2 folder within Application Data, but it's empty. Are there any known issues installing .c2addon files with Windows XP(I know I'm probably the only person still using XP, LOL). Would it be possible for you to post the files directly?

  • Kahless

    The .c2addon file is just a zip encapsulation.

    Unzip with any program, go inside the 'files' folder and just drag the folder to the required location.

  • zenox98 Thanks. This helps a hole bunch.

  • Updated to version 0.2

    This update adds more hotspot positions than just "center" and it adds the ability to draw colored quads with a blend mode of choice.

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