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  • Kan

    I don't get an error here with r227. Try re-installing the plugin, it sounds like something that was fixed a while back.

  • R0J0hound

    Ok, my bad. Again. I was apparently using an old version of your plugin. I seem to be really good at having ridiculous issues that are so easy to resolve but I still can't find the solution on my own, lol

    Thanks a bunch anyway.

    I noticed the quality of the pasted picture is decreased if the original picture was resized though.

  • You'll want to use the same size for identical quality. There's also an action to increase the resolution of the paster's texture, which by default is the same size the pater object is when it's created. One side note is using the action erases the texture.

  • keepee

    It's a bug. I never implemented pasting multiple effect objects correctly. Basically the plugin needs to be updated to draw exactly like c2's runtime does, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

    Do you have any plans to look into this any time soon? I just ran into the same issue, and while I can probably work around it, not having to would also be nice .

  • digitalsoapbox

    No plans really. It's rather involved and I lack to time to do it currently. Basically it takes understanding C2's renderer at a low level and reworking it in a drastic way. Previous attempts have run into a few issues:

    * I wasn't able to get all the parameters passed to effects to be correct. I mostly understand the math the renderer uses, but none of it is useful for me, since i'm not dealing with screen sized or screen oriented rectangles.

    * Multiple effects are done by juggling multiple textures, aka sprite with first effect is drawn to a blank texture, then that texture is drawn back to the screen with the second effect. More effects are done in a similar way, but at most I think only two temporary textures are ever needed. C2 does this easily by keeping some temporary textures the size of the canvas. For this plugin the size of the temporary textures depends on the size of the paster object, or basically each paster object will need 3x the amount of vram. Creating the temporary textures only when needed or trying to share a pool of them shared between all the paster objects were some ideas, but is more complex.

    Anyways, unfortunately I won't be doing it anything soon.

  • Cool, no worries, thanks for all the info!

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  • Whether it is possible to change the plug-in so that it does not react with webgl. And then after export on android on some devices the image deteriorates . But if the project settings to deliver webgl off then everything works well, but is no longer working on the full screen

  • navel35

    To make it not use webgl just set set webgl to "off" in the project properties.

    I don't use mobile exports so I don't know what's amiss.

  • navel35

    To make it not use webgl just set set webgl to "off" in the project properties.

    I don't use mobile exports so I don't know what's amiss.

    Thank you

  • R0J0hound Hi, do you think you could make an example of how to make a Wallenstein type of game, but also with floor and celling, if that's even possible with this plugin? Thanks

  • megatronix

    It could be a while, I don't have a whole lot of time as of late.

    The plugin doesn't really add much to assist with it. All the plugin would be used for is to draw slices of a texture.

    The rest would mostly be raycasting.

  • How do I copy a section of the layer?

    I tried copying the canvas, but it is the full window.

    edit: Is the only way to copy texture to one paster object, and then paste into another?

  • Prominent

    That's not implimented. It proved to be rather complicated the times I looked into it before, and I've been avoiding any plugin modification at this time. So for now only individual objects can be pasted.

  • edit: nevermind. I had to put paster object behind everything.

  • There seems to be a bug when paster object has negative width and angle set. There is flickering in the non-rotated and non-mirrored area (where it'd be if it weren't rotated or mirrored).

    I am clearing and resetting angle/width before pasting, so it must not be drawing/clearing the correct areas.

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