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  • Fantastic plugin. I've had great success with it in Chrome on Win 7. Does anyone have any experience using it with Cocoon? I'm curious if it works on Android and ios

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  • fishbottle (& R0J0hound), funnily enough I have just reverted back to using the Canvas plugin for something I'm testing through CocoonJS. I had a selection of Paster tiles covering the ground onto which I was pasting battle scars and other visual effects. There were about 100 tiles... Initially all went well with my testing then something happened - I presume I exceeded a memory threshold or something by adding a sprite (~50mb was being used on desktop according to debug, unfortunately my testing was too infrequent to be able to identify what it was that I changed to cause this).

    All of the blank canvas tiles appeared corrupted with pasted parts of random image files (some from my game and others from apps that were installed but not running on my phone!). I would be very interested if anyone else has had this experience (I tested on 3 different android devices with the same problem evident on each).

  • Thanks very much for that report Colludium My use may be much less demanding but good to know both that it does work in Cocoonjs, and that it sometimes doesn't or at least didn't in your case in the end. If I do any successful testing on ios I'll put a note in here for anyone interested.

  • Hey friends and especially the great RojoHound,

    some of the users here suggested "Paster" to be the perfect tool for what I want to do. My aim is to make a city with fake 3D buildings like in top down games (e.g. GTA)

    So I installed "Paster" yesterday, but i�m not really sure how to handle it, to be honest.

    How do i get the cubes inside? Do I need real models, or can I create something with "Paster" itself and just texture it?

    How about the transformation of the landscape, how does that work? (camera-zoom/player movement)

    How will it affect the CPU, if I make a whole town from it (with 4-5 buildings repeating?)

    Is there any chance to ever get this fluent on mobile, or is 3D transformation just to much for the telephone-market?

    If anyone could help me with this, I�ll definitely donate some coffee :)

    Thanks a billion times,


  • You will need your own 2D images of buildings

    Have you tried playing around with the sample capx? It's a great place to start. Paster just, well, pastes sprite images onto the screen.

    You can download it here:


  • fishbottle

    I really tried to figure out how the Plug-in works, but I don�t have any clue on how the transformation is made. (not to guess, how to make it work for my purpose)

    I would spend the dude that can show me how to 10$ :) I�m getting desperate with this issue....

  • Everyname

    Thanks for the fix.


    Those recommending Paster for 3d probably were referring to this capx:


    Paster provides little to provide 3d other than an action to draw a distorted texture. The rest is math and logic.

    The capx isn't simple but it could be tweaked and extended to make the game you have in mind, but as it is now it's incomplete.

  • R0J0hound

    Thanks mate, that�s absolutely what I was looking for, but as I see, this is way to much math for me I guess. :(

    Here is a screenshot of my project, to show you what this would be needed for.

    <img src="https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/t31/1795997_586456251437217_241452094_o.jpg" border="0" />

    I know you don�t have much time developing all that great stuff, but may you take some to help me get that stuff ingame? I�m absolutely willing to pay you something (even more than 10$ - that�s from when I thought it was way easier)

    Hope to hear from you and thanks again a thousand times for all the great stuff you do for us!

    Greets from Germany,


  • Beaverlicious

    I tinkered a bit with the example and got the perspective correct so the base matches the sprites. So if you're currently making the game just leave sprites for the bases of the buildings and the 3d can be added later once it's working. Once working the 3d will be on a seperate layer above the game layer and below the HUD layer. It will take a bit more tweaking to get to that point and I'll upload it when it's done. Be advised though that the polygon sorting isn't correct at times esp when boxes are near each other which is kind of distracting. I'm pretty sure it can be fixed if I sort the polys with a topographical sort which is in my todo to add to the capx.

    No eta, but my weekend starts soon so I should have some time to work on it.


  • R0J0hound

    Hey friend, that sounds absolutely amazing, i�ll put in some placeholders and try to let some space between the boxes, to avoid errors :).

    I absolutely can�t say thank you as much as you would deserve it. If I can ever do you a favor in any way, please let me know. Take yourself some time, though... weekends are for relaxing your lame programming fingers ;-)

    Greets and thanks again!!!


  • Well I only program as a hobby so my fingers don't have a chance to go lame unless I break them at work. :-/

    Here's the capx:


    To get the events in your project open this capx and your capx in different tabs of the same instance of Construct. Then you can copy/paste the objects to your capx. The object to copy over are 3dbox, face, p, Paster and Function. After that you can copy over the events.

  • Well, thanks a million times again and again. All icecubes of the world for your smoking fingers!:)

    Unfortunately I'm not at home at the moment, so i have to check it out on wednesday.

    Will give you feedback asap! Thanks mate.



  • r160.2 broke this plugin. It crashes the whole game in question now anytime an object is pasted into the paster.

    It gives the following error:

    Javascript error!

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

    localhost/glwrap.js, line 1267 (col 41)

  • Here it doen�t crash my game, but I can�t get it running. Guess it�s personal failure! ^^

  • For what it's worth, Paster isn't crashing our project after upgrading to r160.2. Our usage is to use it for freehand drawing, so we're pasting either a small dot or dash on the paster object while in touch.

    Seems to be working fine!

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