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  • Fixed it, the bug was pasting with an effect in r160 onward. Download in first post.

    Note it won't work in releases older than r160 so I also added a separate download if you're using an older c2 release.

  • R0J0hound

    Hey friend,

    I wrote you a PM about an issue I still have with the PlugIn. Even if I paste the code from your example in another project, I don�t get the effect of your example capx.

    Are there any behaviours I shouldn�t use, like scroll to or something? I�m also not really sure on which layer it should be as well...

    Please help a confused beaver :)

  • Beaverlicious I finally got around to reviewing your capx. Check your PMs.

  • R0J0hound

    WOOOW!!! Thanks really, really much! Absolutely amazing! :)

    Now filling my town with buildings, I first really realize how mighty this plug-in really is!! A real pearl!!

    PM�d back!

  • Hey thanks R0J0hound! It works great again. Yeah I was about to report I found it only did this when objects pasted into it had effects applied to them but then I saw there was a page 10 to this thread where you already figured it out. Great work.

  • R0J0hound

    Great plugin! I found it as I was looking for information on the canvas plugin. It works well for what I am doing in my project when I have a Paster canvas and then paste an section of an image into it. The image clip appears as good as the original image. However, if I resize the canvas during runtime and then paste image to the canvas, the pasted image clip becomes pixelated or loses its original quality. Is this normal because I am stretching the original canvas and therefore even though the pasted image is after resizing the canvas? It is as if I am stretching the new image and causing it to distort. Does this have to do with the WebGl on/off that has been mentioned in prior post. I have tried having WebGl on and off and both still distort the quality of the image when pasted.

    My solution for the problems at this point in my project is to make 21 fixed size Paster canvases. I then limit the resize to one of the 21 fixed canvas sizes depending on the user selecting a change in width, height, or proportional scaling which depends on how much of the original image they want to capture. This works, but I am not sure having 21 canvases at the ready is going to cause problems with overhead. Is there something I am doing wrong or just the nature of WebGl and/or the canvas by default?

    I will post a capx if there is a way to resolve the runtime variable resizing of the Paster canvas.

  • Yes, that's by design. You can change the size of the texture used with the "set resolution" action. By default when the layout is run the resolution is the same as the paster object's size. Keep in mind that with the "set resolution" action the contents of the texture will be erased.

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  • I didn't see you respond, so I'm not sure if you missed my earlier post, so just in case I'll bring it up again that opacity doesn't get taken into account when pasting an object with an effect.

  • The plugin has a .imageUrl expression to get a link to the image and you can then download it using the "invoke download" action of the browser object.

    It's working only from browser, is there a way to save image with Node-Webkit?

  • Arima

    Noted. It will require some revamping of the plugin to make it match what c2 rendering does. Currently I'm pushing that task to a later date.


    Here is a solution for that.

    ->System: Start of layout:

    NodeWebkit: show save dialog (accept ".png")

    ->NodeWebkit: On save dialog OK

    Browser: Execute javascript "var fs = require('fs');fs['writeFileSync']('" &replace(NodeWebkit.ChosenPath,"\","\\")& "','" &Canvas.imageUrl& "'.split(',')[1], {'encoding': 'base64'});"

  • R0J0hound Thank You! Works like a charm.

  • There's still some issues unfortunately, I've sent You PM with details.

  • Ah, cool, glad to know it's on the to do list.

  • I'm trying to create a split-screen effect using this plugin, and I've encountered a strange problem where an object refuses to paste correctly after creating more than 2 instances of the plugin.

    Here is a test file. With 2 players, everything seems to work fine. If you use the left mouse button to add another player, the status bar disappears. Removing the added player with the right mouse button makes it render again.

    On a side note, I would really like to see a "Paste Layer" action (like the one from the canvas plugin). Construct 2 doesn't make it easy to replicate that using only "Paste Object"

  • This plugin is awesome!

    I had one little problem with it but it was my own fault for not trying the ultimate solution earlier, but I was trying to paste an object that had it's collisions disabled, and I spent hours working on the events in many different ways, and made a separate project to test the Paster thinking it wasn't working for me (worked fine on the other project of course), but yes, collisions disabled caught me by surprise. No biggie at all though, didn't matter if they were disabled or not in my case!

    Using this plugin, I've managed to improve performance x10! I have a cloud generator that makes a few blurred circles in a little area per cloud, so I would have around 120 Cloud sprites, each individually scrolling sideways in the background, which killed performance a bit when it's alongside the rest of the game, but now this plugin groups it all together and only has to scroll 20 Pasters.

    Much appreciated r0j0!

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