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  • 0.4 Update:

    Now textured quad drawing will use the texture of a picked object.

    (Works with sprite,tiledbg,canvas,paster and particles)


    NodeWebKit seems to be working fine for me... Maybe it's some kind of driver issue.


    eah I noticed it has some issues with loading cross domain images, and drawing past the bounding box threw an error.

    It can load any image that you can with the sprite plugin which has the same cross domain limitation. It's an html5 limitation. Also can you post a capx that throws the error.

    oincidentally the draw seems to draw to the resolution rather than by pixel. Like draw x2 4 y2 4 filled the 16x16 object.

    The point locations are layout locations instead of being relative to the object as it was in the canvas plugin. Drawing should be mapped correctly regardless of the size or resolution of the canvas.

  • Don't know whats the issue here, but I think its different.

    Throws an error on preview.

    I'll have to make a capx for the other issue.

  • Strangest thing just now.

    I was sure I had an error figured out as it gave the alert with on mouse click, draw quad.

    I then added an on start of layout set quad color, and the error stopped.

    Then I disabled that event, ran it as it was at first, and now there is no error.

    Must be some javascript cache madness.

    Left over after updating the plug.

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  • I haven't updated to r147 yet, so I rolled back the version in your capx and it's working fine here. What was the error message?

  • Not for sure, but I think it was something about not having a texture for the webgl part.

  • Ok, fixed the issue that came up with r147. Re-download from first post.

  • Hm. Seems this plugin doesn't really work like it used to. I'm trying to simply paste all my tiles into it prior to destroying them but I get a blank image.

    In another .capx I covered half an image with the paster object, pasted it, then destroyed the object, and all I got was a blurry mess. Covering the whole image results in a blank image. Any ideas? I remember testing this when it first came out and it worked just as I expected..

  • Everything seems to be working in my tests.

    Can you post or pm me a capx of the issues?

  • I would like to ask you a question...

    Is paste capable to resize canvas from 320 x 240 to full screen like 1920 x 1080 with good performance such as 60 fps? Sometimes resizing canvas would consume more memory and make worse performance on low end computers like laptops.

  • It should. All the plugin does is utilize c2's renderer to draw to a texture so it should be as fast as that.

  • This is fantastic. It looks like I'll be able to use this to significantly boost performance all over my game!

    However, I'm a little confused with the 'resolution' setting. It seems like I get a 1:1 ratio (i.e. pasted object in same position/size as the original object) if the X and Y resolution are window width and height, respectively. This is all well and good, however for some reason setting resolution every tick breaks the object.

    You can see the issue in this capx.

    Any idea why this is happening? I have to set resolution every tick to make sure the game supports the user resizing the window.

  • sqiddster

    This is by design, the set resolution action deletes it's current texture and creates another of the new size, so anything that's drawn to the object is lost. Resolution is basically the internal texture size of the object, and it defaults to the initial size of the object. It is completely independent of the object's size and any drawing done to it is mapped accordingly with no extra events to position it right.

    In the case of your example just set the resolution once. If you set it to 1024x1024 it will look crisp if the window size is anything from 512x512 to 1024x1024. On a side note the largest supported texture size for webgl is 2048x2048.

  • R0J0hound it's not about it looking crisp - it's about having the object pasted appear where it acually is. If I set the resolution to 1024x1024, the pasted object appears as a different size and position as the original object.

  • Ah, I hadn't looked into the case where the resolution is larger than the size. I'll be looking into it.

  • dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/105711543/PasterExample.capx

    Sorry for taking so long. This might be related to the resolution issue Sqiddster brought up. I'm not sure if that feature existed the first time I used this.

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