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    <font size="4">Industry-leading app analytics for free.</font>

    More companies trust Flurry Analytics to understand how consumers interact with their mobile applications than all other app analytics providers combined. Over 125,000 companies use Flurry Analytics in more than 400,000 applications to measure audience reach, engagement, retention, conversions, revenue and more. The service is completely free, takes just five minutes for basic integration and is continuously updated with the industry's most advanced features.

    <font size="5">Conditions:</font>

    <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/3pNdo32.jpg" border="0"></center>

    <font size="5">Actions:</font>

    <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/m059ORI.jpg" border="0"></center>

    <font size="5">Download:

    Flurry Plugin For Construct 2

    Example .capx


    <font size="5">Instructions:</font>

    Go to Flurry.com, sign up for an account and create an application. Always select 'Web-based applications or mobile websites' for the platform (this will work for your Construct 2 game on any platform). You'll be presented with an 'Application key'. Copy this key, then after adding the Flurry object to your project, paste the key in the Flurry Object API key property.

    You'll then need to use the 'Start session' action to begin logging activity. See the sample .CAPX for a more comprehensive example.

    For a more detailed explanation of how the events work, please refer to the official Flurry Mobile Web SDK documentation.

    <font size="5">For CocoonJS:</font>

    If exporting your game for CocoonJS, you'll also need to manually copy the following files from the plugin directory to the exported .zip that Construct 2 generates.

    webview [directory]





  • Nice one! I don't know about Flurry Analytics, I would like to check it.

  • Awesome! Can't wait to try this!

  • Updated the plugin with minification support and fixed parameters reporting correctly.

    One of the cool features is this has error reporting built in. Just add the Flurry object to your project, add the API key and you'll have a load of metrics, including any JavaScript errors that anyone encounters.

  • Looks great, is there's going to be a tutorial on how to use it properly and explain it's features?

  • elafreat yep at some point. This is a link to the SDK documentation, which has basically explains how everything works. I'll write-up a 'Construct 2 friendly' tutorial as soon as I get a mo.

  • thehen Can't wait ^.^

    Thanks for the link.

    Sorry for my newbie knowledge but : What platforms will it work on?

    EDIT : It looks like it works on HTML5.

  • elafreat it's using HTML5, but should work fine on every platform using Construct 2.

  • thehen .. That's good news :)

  • thehen any chance you can give an example on how to use the 'log event with parameters' action? I'm not quite sure how to pass parameters as a JSON object. I'm trying to record data as parameters when the player dies like score, time, etc.


  • funkyos I'm currently just working on full CocoonJS support, then will put together a sample capx and tutorial. Hopefully I'll have it finished today.

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  • Awesome! You rock :D

  • funkyos

    The plugin has now been updated with full CocoonJS support, added a couple more actions and added an example .capx.

  • <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • �bercool plugin!

    Great work, thanks for sharing and caring.

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