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  • afpt unfortunately this doesn't work with Ejecta, due to the absence of a DOM. For CocoonJS I coded a workaround using an overlaid webview, but I haven't the time to investigate Ejecta. Have you tried Phonegap?

  • Hi

    Does the plugin work with Cordova?

    I found a github project that provides a plugin for Flurry on Cordova

    from this thread, I guess your plugin only works on Cocoonjs... right?

  • Nah, this should work fine with PhoneGap. The Github project is probably a native extension, which is unnecessary as Flurry has an HTML5 api.

  • Awesome plugin!

    Works great on phonegap, however, it does not work on Cordova (crosswalk). Is there anyway to get it working on crosswalk?



  • federer365 Hmm, it should work on Crosswalk. Are there permissions you might need to enable?

  • thehen - Hi!! First of all: tx for dedicating the time buiding this plugin, i appreciate it!

    I was going to read the SDK but it looks like there is no more public access: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rpimc1b5qxwwg ... README.pdf

    cheers, Bruno!

  • anyone was able to use it with crosswalk?


  • Hi thehen

    I tried this in CocoonJS but it seems not to work.

    I copied all the files into the .zip and compiled the project using the latest CocoonJS plugin from git and the 2.1 compiler.

    The isFlurryLoaded condition returns true, but events will not get tracked.

    I tried it in the launcher and a compiled project, but no events got tracked by flurry (even after days of waiting).

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks !

  • So I finally had time to sit down and figure out what was causing my flurry problem.

    The way I logged parameter events was I would add a new key in my dictionary and add a value from a variable, current level, the number of times the user restarted the level or something similar.

    As it turns out flurry wouldn't display events with parameters that only have numbers as their value, so I had to add a text string for the events to be registered and displayed correctly.

    Good job KFC, i had the same problem.

  • Hello,

    A user reported an issue some days ago regarding a problem of the plugins and we realized that the real problem was that this plugin is using a deprecated version of our code. The plugin and the prelude were updated the 5th of November. Right now, our C2 plugin uses the 3.0.5 version of the JS plugins. This is the new documentation:


    As you can see, the main change is that now CocoonJS is called just Cocoon and some methods now are shorter. In addition, there are new namespaces, so it can be that a method is now in another namespace more suitable to its function. This means this won't work unless all the files are edited to use the latest version of our code.

    Here are the JS plugins files that you need to replace:


    However, this code is already contained in the prelude, so maybe there is a way of using it instead of pasting these files again.


  • I was one of the users with this issue. Any chance this Fluury plug-in can be updated to be compliant with Cocoonjs?


    Mike Parent

  • When I am using the Flurry Plugin it crashes the app in Android and it gives the following error while loading the webview.html when the Flurry plugin is getting initiated,

     CocoonJS['App']['loadInTheWebView']( "webview/webview.html" );[/code:j0zvp2n2][/b]
    [b] java.lang.IllegalStateException: The specified child already has a parent. You must call removeView() on the child's parent first.
     If it comment above webview.html loading line then the App works but flurry is not working, 
    Another interesting point noted is that if the app is zipped and used via the CustomCocoonJS Launcher then it crashes , but If i load the files from the webserver after exporting and unzipping it as separate files it then it seems to work fine. Looks to me like a timing issues, So , I am not sure what needs to fixed, Also Note the same code works with iOS without any issues. Please help ! 
    Anyhelp in this matter is greatly appreciated.
  • Thanks

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  • Has anyone used this plugin recently? I tried the test project and using it in my own project without any luck so far.

    I know the plugin hasn't been updated in awhile but I took a look at the release notes and the mobileSDK hasn't been updated in 2 years. So that shouldn't be the case.

    Thanks much!

  • crosswalk ? ejecta work? compatible?

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