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  • Hey will this plugin support Flurry monetization, or support it in the future?

  • thehen thanks for the cocoonjs update!

    I noticed a problem with the plugin though. When I have both clay.io and flurry in my project and add the extra files to my exported .zip file, then I get a crash when I load up my app in the cocoonjs launcher.

    These are the clay.io files I'm adding:
















    I noticed there's some overlap with the flurry files you mentioned in your first post. There are file size differences between the plugins. Could that conflict be causing the force close?

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  • bremen I haven't got any plans to at the moment.

    funkyos Hmm yes, I didn't think about that. Can you send me a .capx and I'll fix it ASAP.

  • thehen thanks!

    Here's the capx and the clay files I'm adding. Load this up in the launcher and then click on the sprite to see the crash. If I strip out the flurry plugin from the capx and repeat all the steps then it works fine.



  • thehen

    Hey, thanks for this plugin! Going to be using this in my releases :)

    Can I ask how you got your dialog windows square instead of rounded square? :o

  • funkyos apologies about the delay, it's more complicated than I thought and I'm a little buried atm. Hopefully I should have something soon.

    TwinTails No problem! I'm not sure what you mean about the dialog window?

  • thehen The screenshots in your first post.

    Mine is rounded <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="http://gyazo.com/378d37b0469e833e6fb79b5664589e4b.png" border="0" />

  • TwinTails ahah I have no idea. Windows 8.0 with the default theme seems to do that.

  • thehen Ah, I see... I have not yet used Win8. Thanks anyway ^^

  • I was wondering, is there a way to generate a new unique User ID for new players on start of session, that is not tied with Facebook or any other third party? Something that does not require you to store user ID's on your own server but rather check the flurry server, something in the lines of "Last flurry userID was #88 so the new player gets the id #89"?

    Also there's no way to distinguish weather an event is a timed event with parameters or a regular event with parameters after you added them because they both read Log the event "" with parameters "".

    Maybe for timed events you could make Log the timed event "", like you did with the End timed event.

    It's a nitpick but because of the overall quality of the plugin I thought I might add that here.

    Thanks for the plugin.

    By the way, thehen are you in any way associated with Flurry?

  • KFC nope I'm not associated with Flurry.

    A unique ID is an interesting one. For CocoonJS you'd need to use OpenUDID, which CocoonJS already supports - a plugin would just need to be built. How this would work on web though, I'm not sure - IP address? Let me know specific requirements and I'll look into building a unique ID plugin.

    I'll look into making those changes in the next update too.


  • thehen

    I was just wondering if you could pull information from Flurry servers to the client.

    My idea right now is, if the "UserID" variable is the default value (which makes him a new user), I would check my server that stores the ID of the last new added user, and then make the "UserID" that number +1.

    If I could get the highest value of a user ID for my app form Flurry that would eliminate the need for me to track user ID's on a different server.

    OpenUDID could work, on Android and iOS, but for games that don't use CooconJS I can't think of an alternative.

    Is there a way for CocoonJS to get the google/apple account information of the user? The same goes for the microsoft account for windows phone/windows 8.

    That obviously wouldn't help in having an unique ID for web apps though.

  • thehen I'm having trouble with events with parameters. They seem to be sent but don't logged, or at least they're not displaying in the event log tab, unlike the events without parameters.

    This is one of my triggers/actions for flurry events, I added the "TheLevelHasStarted" event without parameters for testing.

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35440583/c2forums/FlurryEvents/FlurryEvents.png" border="0" />

    This it the result Flurry got in the event logs tab:

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35440583/c2forums/FlurryEvents/FlurryWeb.png" border="0" />

    The only event logged was the one without any parameters, as the second, sixth and eighteenth event in the session. Other events were not displayed.

    I did try adding "value" as the dictionary key value but the result was the same.

    I tested your example as well and all events were recorded normally.

    Any idea what could cause this?

  • Hi! Thanks for the plugin.

    I have a problem, I made an app with 2 version, one for android one for web browser, the web's version works perfectly, but android doesn't work :C

    I made two ID in flurry, one for each version. The web's version recive the information from the app, but the android doesn't work.

    In android I add the files to the zip, and compile in Cocosjn.


  • I sorry for double post, but I export with Cocoonjs y don't work in Android but work perfectly in iOS, using the same code.

    I use crosswalk to export the app and this work perfectly, my problem is with the exporter Cocoonjs to android :C


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