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  • Hey, here is my first released plugin. Whooow, what an experience !

    I didn't know programing javascript three weeks ago, so please be indulgent with me.

    I tried to do something clear and structured though. I hope it is.

    Feel free to suggest ideas/request about functionnalities of this plugin. I'm actually working on the next version.

    Thanks all, and hope this will be usefull.

    (I'm french, and even if I work every days with american guys, my english may be not so good. Sorry for that.)

    Combo Box & List Box

    Version: 2.43 (21/01/2013)

    Tried in Internet Explorer 9.0.3 / Opera 11.51 / Chrome 15.0.874 (issue) / Safari 5.1.2 (issue) / Firefox 8.0 / Mobile Safari (iOS 4)

    Download the plugin.


    By default, the ComboBox object is without tooltip, enabled, black font color, white background color, width : 200px, height : 25 px.

    Tooltip ? Set the text of the tooltip.

    Enabled ? Choose wether the combo box is enabled or disabled on startup.

    Font color ? Choose color for the font.

    Background color ? Choose color for the background.



    Change tooltip ? Set or change the text of the tooltip.

    Set enabled ? Change the parameter 'Enabled' to enabled or disabled.


    Add a line(text) ? Add a new line at the last position (ID starts from 1).

    Change a line(text, ID) ? Change the text of the line by its ID.

    Delete a line(ID) ? Delete a line by its ID (decrements ID values).

    Tips. Set 'all' (without quotes) to delete all lines.

    Insert a line(text, ID) ? Insert a line after another line choose by its ID.

    Select a line(ID) ? Select a line (focus) by its ID.



    1.1 Is a line selected(ID) ? Check if a line is selected by its ID.

    1.1 Is enabled ? Check if the comboBox is enabled.



    getTextById(ID) ? Return a string for the text of a line by its ID.

    Set the ID in the expression (instead of 'ID of the line:').

    getTextSelected ? Return a string for the text of the current selected line.

    getTotalLines ? Return a number for the total number of lines.

    getValueSelected ? Return a number for the ID of the current selected line.

    TODO List for this plugin.

    • Propertie/Action, Text alignment.
    • Propertie/Action/Expression, Bold, Italic, Underline options.
    • Action, Focus on last created line.
    • A french version.

    Feel free to let me know your suggestions, requests and corrections (as about language) as well as any bug report.


  • Thanks!!!

  • Great plugin.

  • It would be good if this plugin fired an event when a selection was made.


  • smitchell tonycrew Thanks both you guys!

    blueFire I'll add it ;)

  • septeven, Can you let me know when you implement the feature blueFire requested, I would be interested in this too!

  • smitchell it will be announced here

  • Ooooh Ok thanks! :)

  • smitchell blueFire

    Changelog v1.1

    [Add] CONDITIONS. Is a line selected ?

    [Add] CONDITIONS. Is enabled ?

    Btw, I didn't figure out to fix the issue with safari/chrome. Please, feel free to take a look and contact me if you find the solution, I'm not sure ton solve it quickly...

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  • Creating the ComboBox with a right click event at runtime seems to cause an extra contextual menu to display when the ComboBox is created.

    There is another thread dealing with this issue at http://www.scirra.com/forum/topic47253.html where you can find an example. It only happens when the ComboBox is created with a right click and not a left click.

    Is it possible to fix it where the contextual menu does not display?


  • blueFire I'll take a look tonight and fix it. Sorry for it.

  • blueFire

    Changelog v1.11

    [Fix] A contextual menu appeared when user clicked with the right button.

  • Hi septeven love this plugin.

    Is it possible to add an action that lets you select a line in your combobox (not just the focus) so that selection shows up on screen in the combobox.

    I use multiple comboboxs so I would like to be able when I select something in one comboboxs to be able to change the setting in an other combobox with out manually doing it.

    Right now I am working on a dice roller program.

    So I would like to be able to do this with the combobox.

    When I select "combobox dice type" to "None"

    I want to auto change "combobox number of rolls" to "0".

    Right now all I can do is select the combobox line ID (Focus).

    Oh yes just thought of this. If you could add an condition like in the textbox plugin "text changed" as a trigger. That could be very helpful to.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  • Maxum

    I add it to my todo list, but I can't promise you it comes quickly, I'm working on other plugins which takes me already long hours.

    Hopefully, I'll try to do it inbetween ;)

  • Changelog v1.12

    [Fix] Text issue in the Construct 2 Editor (since R72).

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