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  • Great Plugin !!!

    Is it possible to add multi-columns text like listview ?

  • One more thing !

    When I enlarge the ListBox, the webpage will be elongated vertically.

    Is there any solutions to avoid this or

    what I miss some settings in layout and margins size ?

    Help please !!!

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  • curtischan

    No it's impossible to add true multi-columns (it was in the past, with old browsers). You can use "|" to fake it though.

    About the "bug" you occured, I've never encountered this kind of bug. Please tell me more (browser, fullscreen mode...), or (I do recommend) provide your capx file.


  • Changelog v2.2

    [Fix] Trying to delete an item when the object was empty entered an infinite loop.



  • septeven

    Thanks for quick reply.

    It is so sad to hear that the listview can't be possible.

    I post a listbox simple test. Here is a link:


    CAPX file:


    You will see a thick black area at the bottom of the page.

    Please help me !!!

  • curtischan

    I'm sorry but I saw nothing wrong.

  • curtischan

    I'll send you an example of faked listview later...

  • septeven

    Thanks for your kindness.

    There is nothing wrong in preview mode.

    However,it will have a problem when it is put in the server. For better explanation, I post a picture showing the difference.

    <img src="http://www.CreDeOne.com/lbtest/lbproblem.jpg" border="0">

    Example1: with Listbox

    Example2: without ListBox

  • curtischan

    OK Let me check this, I'll back to you soon.

    Edit. When I try your both examples, they look the same. No thicker black frame than other one...

    I tried with Safari and Firefox. Nothing to do, I'm not sure that is really a problem or a misunderstanding from you...

  • curtischan

    For your previous problem, look at my edit on the post above.

    Here is an example for a listview.

    <center><img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27157668/construct2/help/img/listview_example.png" border="0"></center>

    It needs the latest version of the ComboBox & ListBox plugin (2.3.1).

    Changelog v2.3

    [Add] 'Borders' property.

    [Add] 'Borders color' property.

    [Add] 'Separation line' property.

    [Add] 'Separation color' property.

    [Add] 'Sync Scrolling' action.

    [Add] 'is Scrolling' condition.

  • <font color=red>If you have downloaded this plugin between now and the post above</font>, please download it again, I forgot to delete a code line.


  • septeven

    Thanks for your listview example. It is very helpful to me.

    For thicker black bottom frame, I don't know why

    this problem only appears to me. I have tried many OS

    and browsers. The problem is same.

    Would you mind telling me what kind of OS and the version of FireFox do you use?


  • Changelog v2.3.1

    [Fix] Minor bug with positionning.


    Try this new version. I think I got what's occured this frame.

    Let me know please.

  • septeven

    Thanks for your great help.

    It works and is very well in the simple ListBox test example. There is no thicker black bottom frame again.

    However, after I insert many text, button and textbox objects, there is a little black bottom frame appeared. It is acceptable and much better than previous version.

    Many thanks.

  • great plugin!, it wasn't working for me in chrome but the last version the list box works pretty good, there is still an issue with the dropbox, selecting items make them flicker, but the selection does function

    edit: doesnt work in my project, cant select anything, maybe to much other mouse actions, maybe needs a focus action?

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