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  • Hi septeven

    I am working with your plugin Combobox listbox in my app.

    The thing is that when i export as Awesomium and start the app when its done, the Combobox doesnt work.

    I dont get any errors.

    Its just that i cant "open" te Combobox to view the items stored into it.

    Can u fix this?

    It would be great!

  • And as a feature request i have the following.

    I would really like the option to check for a selected line by the text of that line, instead of the ID.

    That way i can simply use a textbox to add items to the ComboBoxListBox.

    And then set an action, that reacts uppon selecting the line with that specific text, without having to know the ID.

    In my app the user will never know the ID's of the lines created by the ComboBoxListBox.

    He will only see the text items that are in it.

    So i would like the ComboListBox to be able to function from that perspective.

    Simply as, user sees

    Item 1

    Item 2

    Item 3

    User Selects item 2

    Event = ComboBoxListBox checks if line is selected by text ("item 2")

    Then condition etc happens.

    This way i could implement that item 2 "text" as a name variable to an object when the user creates the "item 2" by using a textbox.

    Then later i can check that objects name when calling for item 2 in the ComboBoxListBox, and thus have the object which carries that same name respond accordingly.

    Simple but effective.

    Thanx for your great work on the ComboBoxListBox so far!

    Kind Regards.


  • Savvy001

    What about comparing two values ?

    ComboBoxListBox.getTextSelected = "Item 2"

    I'll see what can I do though (just not now because I can't spent time currently on any of my plugins).

    About the bug with awesomium, I'm gonna check this and hopefully I'll be able to provide a fix soon.

  • Hi

    The comparing values worked (with some additional event magic to get what i need) but it would still be great (and way more easy to setup) if u could implement this addon in the future.

    Ofcourse whenever u have the time.

    Thanx for looking for a awesomium fix as my app cannot be on the internet.

    But i do really need your ComboBoxListBox in my apps UI.

    So Awesomium is the way to go.

    Kind Regards.


  • Woops sorry, i need to come back on that!

    It did not work.

    I was adding digits instead of names.

    So ofcourse the ComboBoxListBox could find it.

    But when i inputted Text it could not.

    I used.

    Is line selected: ID of the line = ComboBoxListBox.getTextSelected

    For each sprite

    System Compare Sprite.Name to ComboBoxListBox.getTextSelected

    (And Sprite.Name has the text "Item 2")

    Then Action!

    U see, im trying to achieve this.

    Is line selected: Sprite.Name

    (And Sprite.Name has the text "Item 2")

    Then Action

  • Savvy001

    Are you trying to compare the ID of a line with a text ? If so, it's just impossible.

    In the same time, could you just provide me a capx please.

  • I thougth so <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> But i just tried everything i could think of.

  • Savvy001

    OK, from what I saw, you try to compare the id of a line (which is a incremented number dynamically generated at runtime) with the sprite.Name, (which is the text what the user typed in the textbox),

    you understand that's not possible, true?

    So, I'll try to take more time tomorrow to understand what you try to do, but your event sheet is really big.

    So please, just explain me a little bit more what you try to do with the comboBox.


  • septeven

    I understand that comparing the ID (number) to the user generated (text) is not possible.

    What i need is this.

    A: User enters Text in textbox.

    B: User click create button

    C: Sprite is created and Text from textbox is set as "text" variable at (sprite.name)

    D: Text is also added to ComboBoxListBox.

    (ComboBoxListBox now has the same name in it as the sprite variable has.

    F: User repeats this process until all the needed sprites are created.

    G: User now wants to select a sprite using the ComboBoxListBox.

    H: User clicks on ComboBoxListBox and selects desired name.

    I: After that, User clicks a button named "action"

    J: Sprite.Name is then compared to ComboBoxListBox.SelectedItem. (which needs to be "text" in my case instead of ID)

    K: Action is then applied.

    I hope u can see now why i need the feature of checking by Selected Text, instead of ID.

    I can never compare to an ID because the user will never input an ID.

    + the plugin wont let me know which "text" is at which ID Number.

    So to simply have the condition: Is line "" Selected?

    would be the answer to all of the above.

    Then i can start to compare the selected line with the text, stored in my sprite variable.

    I hope this explains it <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Savvy001

    OK, let me know if this is what you're looking for...

  • septeven

    Yes! Thats it <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    I changed it to match my exact needs.

    Have a look at what u helped to create <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle">





    I think this one can be added to the "How do i" example list of Kyatric

    Thanx for the great help here septeven

    And when u find that awesomium bug, please poure some acid onto it and notify me <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Kind Regards.


  • How to load data from database in this list plugin?

  • Savvy001

    About the awesomium issue, it sounds like awesomium doesn't support it yet. The thing is I don't really know how awesomium works, but I guess that's why my combobox doesn't work when you export to this support.

    I should keep tuned about this. Don't hesitate to get back here to remind me.

  • septeven

    Ok, seems like their update will fix it in the future.


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  • septeven

    Is it possible to save the entire list from the ComboBoxListBox via webstorage?

    So that later on i can load the entire list again?

    I have a webstorage setup in my app and i know how to save data.

    But i cant understand what i need to do to save and load the intire list i created in the ComboBoxListBox.

    If it is possible, could u please tell me how?

    Kind Regards.


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