[PLUGIN] Clay.io (leaderboards & achievements)

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  • Nope, no question. I'm just having a brain buster day where communication is just failing. I'm just appreciating the work that you and your team have put into clay.io :D

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  • Thank you :)

  • Ok thanks Austin I managed to create an account after a few more tries

    Not sure but it may have something to do with Avast Antivirus indeed

    Especially the demo capx, that shows the boards only when Avast is disabled! :\

  • Um if I wanted to make my game multiplayer using this plugin, how would I do so?

  • You can't.

  • austin So, anyone else is having issues with antiviruses or is it just me?

    Again, I'm running the default settings on Avast, nothing aggressive really, and I guess lots of people use this thing too

  • I haven't had any other reports. The plugin runs over port 80 so it shouldn't be blocked any more.

    Do the following links load for you?



  • austin how long until Cocoonjs integration? My app is craving your leaderboard system.

  • austin

    Yeah I can access those links just fine

    I tried some other on games on the site, same behavior...avast is disabled: leaderboards show up, avast is running: nothing happens

    Doesn't matter, I'll set up my own system I guess

  • mcdan - I'll be getting an Android to test with soon which should expedite the process some. For the most part CocoonJS is currently working though - see the post on Clay.io (there's a lot to sift through)

    lemo It's really beyond me why it's not working then, if those files load okay :/ I installed the free version of Avast, but wasn't able to replicate the issue

  • austin This reminded me of Browserquest by mozilla, where I haven't been able to connect in the past either

    So I googled around a bit, a found this thread on avast forums with the same reports. It is also "officially" listed on this page as firewall issue. Strange thing is that I could fully play with this test, maybe it runs on a different port or something...

    Then I checked a few settings on avast, and noticed that while the daily virus base was up to date, the program itself wasn't.

    So I went from v6 to v7 and I now I can play with Browserquest and clay.io with avast enabled :]

    Now a lot of people are probably still using v6 (it never noticed me of available updates...) or other listed antiviruses. Also I'm may end up using scoreoid (that I found in the meantime) for leaderboards.

    I have a vague idea of what websockets really are, for realtime communication and such, but can you tell me why you're using them all over the place at clay.io, and if there's a benefit using them over "simple" ajax requests (e.g scoreoid) if I just need a basic leaderboard feature? (and considering they may be blocked by some random antivirus)

  • I can't find the download link <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> .

  • Never mind, it's working.

  • austin I am having some glitches with the login system through cocoonjs. If I use clay.io login it is sweet, but using the facebook option freezes the game.

    Also if I disconnect the internet on my iPhone and then try my app I even get a text error appear at the top of my app.

    I would really love an option to only have a guest login. It would allow people to simply type in their name upon posting a new highscore which is something people are familiar with in popular games like DoodleJump and Tiny Wings. Means playing with friends is more fun too.

    Then if there is a way where Achievements could be handled without the need for a login maybe using a randomly generated id unique to the device then we could have an achievement system that is found in most apps except achievements could be updated from your website which is brilliant.

  • lemo Websockets are something new with HTML5. There's less overhead than AJAX and they can send an receive many more messages in the same amount of time. There are some other benefits like, say we want to send something from the server to the client, with AJAX we'd have to use a technique called longpolling which is basically constantly sending an AJAX request to see if there is new data...with websockets you don't have to do that.

    mcdan I'll take a look into the Facebook login issue on CocoonJS.

    Offline support is fairly high on our priority list to implement.

    As a company, there isn't a whole lot of benefit for us to make it where there is *just* guest login. How we benefit from offering this API for free is the new members, and cut on in-game payments.

    If the player isn't logged in, achievements are stored on a combination of their IP adress and a cookie (in case their IP address changes.

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