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  • Hi! :)

    Just wanted to know how the integration with CocoonJS works! I'd really love to use Clay.io!! :)


  • I'm having a problem with leaderboards using custom Leaderboard IDs. I have like 30ish leaderboards made on your website and in my game I select which one to use based on the level. So on level one I use leaderboard 1 etc. Now the problem arises when I am on level two and I access the leaderboard, I can see that the leaderboard is meant for level two by the title but the scores are from level 1.

    I'm still having the same problem with the payments. Money is getting taken from my PayPal and the game is saying there was an error processing my payment. I get the PayPal receipt in my email and everything so something isn't working correctly I believe. I really need this to work so I can polish up my store and publish my game. Please contact me for any additional information.

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  • stefanp - the leaderboard thing should be fixed, same for payments - let me know if they both work for you. If you're curious about the payments issue, the response Paypal sends back isn't completely standardized, so it wasn't sending back everything in the same format that it usually does, so I had to account for that.

    I finally upgraded to iOS6 and tried out the close icon, and it works. I'm guessing it's some sort of conflict with Construct 2, can you send me the link for you game so I can try it out?

    I did make one change that *might* fix it, so do try once more and let me know.

  • austin - The payment works!! Super excited, I'm going to get a shop running tomorrow for my game so it's great the payments now work. I now get an email from clayio stating an item was purchased whereas before I didn't. The leaderboards still have a problem but it might just be me. Did you update the construct 2 plugin? I am sending the Leaderboard ID as a string with variables in it? Would that affect anything?

    For iOS6 go to stefanp.hosterbox.net and try to close the initial prompt for login. I can't close it on an ipod touch 4th gen running 6.0.

  • Thanks for the link, both should be fixed now :)

  • Great! Thank you very much.

  • I'm just gonna chime in and say great work! Looking forward to getting the CocoonJS support working as well.

  • Hey Austin, I just wanted to double check for Windows 8 integration - do I need to also publish the game in clay.io for my Windows store game to use the achievements and leaderboards?

    If so I'm guessing after I've done that, and activated the leaderboards, I follow the steps in: clay.io/docs/windows8

    Is there anything else I need to do?

    (btw the package link currently returns a 404)

  • Already responded to you via email, but for the benefit of everyone else:

    ou don't need to publish the game to Clay.io for use the achievements and leaderboards, you just need the game key to exist on Clay.io (add the game, don't have to publish it).

    Assuming this is for Manic Soccer, to get it on the Windows store, I would just use Construct 2's exporter, it's probably a bit better than ours since it's using the local files instead of just pointing to our site. Just be sure that their exporter creates a privacy policy in the settings charm (when testing, swipe in the right 'charm', click settings and see if a privacy policy link shows up). If it doesn't, I can give you info on how to add one. Microsoft will reject the app if it doesn't have that.

    Also, I've updated the docs page so it doesn't have a broken link on it, thanks for pointing it out!

  • Clay.io now has a community/forum!

    You all are more than welcome to continue posting to this thread, and I will continue checking it, but I think everyone would be better off if you started posting issues/suggestions/etc there instead. It will be easier for others to sift through already sorted out issues if they're in their own threads on that board, rather than inside this 24 page thread ;) The other benefit of the new forum is I will likely be checking that more often.

    You can access the community here: http://clay.io/community -- if you have a Clay.io account, you should already be logged in.

  • Hi,

    I want make score sharing for my game.But i get an error like below.How do i solve this?


    Also i tried default facebook plugin but i get same error again.Is there other way to make score sharing?


  • Hi,

    I want make score sharing for my game.But i get an error like below.How do i solve this?


    Also i tried default facebook plugin but i get same error again.Is there other way to make score sharing?


    Try this:


    Check if Clay.io is ready, then fetch the leaderboards

    Then check if the leaderboards are ready, then you make a loop and use the expression to get the values

  • Does Clay.io work with CocoonJS? Every time I include Clay.io in a CocoonJS wrap and install on my ipad it shows my splash screen and then goes to a black screen... Does anyone have any ideas about this? <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • It does for the most part - just trying to figure out some issues it has with Android devices, and scaling of the user interface elements, then it should be good to go.

    You can follow progress here: clay.io/members/community

    The reason you get a black screen is you have to copy over the following files into the .zip Construct 2 generates (you can find them in the Clay.io plugin folder):

    <img src="http://new.tinygrab.com/a160021eefb79ddd27c7a70080cc4ca71e8abc2a88.png" border="0" />

  • I spent the weekend revamping the analytics part of the API/plugin - you can read about it here.

    Considering Construct 2 makes it easy to get your games on a variety of platforms/app stores, these analytics make it easy to see which are providing the most value!

    Hope you like it - you can give your feedback here

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