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  • lemo I think that's because if they're not logged in, we decide unique people based on the IP address. That's because two different people can enter 'Joe' but we wouldn't want the score to use both of theirs - we do the same for the cumulative option.

  • austin Okay that makes sense then, I guess Keeda played from different places...

    However I already have my own login system (linked to an mmo API), and players never have to login again or type their names for the leaderboards, so there's no chance two people can post from the same name (except for the guest account)

    A "Skip IP check" option would make sense in my case I suppose

    (I dunno if a lot of people would use it though)

    PS: I'll try to post a bit on your forums, but it's hard to follow both places for us too :p

  • Still the same issue even with 0.3.3 plugin none of the touch events would respond, There is no error or messages in the console of CocoonJS launcher, since it looks like it's not even initializing. I have the zip file to you , see if you can help to troubleshoot.

    Also in IOS after logging in with any other provider like facebook or twitter in the webview, the webview closes and then none of the touch events would work after similar to that of android behavior when loading.

    Looks to me there is some other object that we are using that u r not including in the project which is probably why you are not seeing the issue. could u please send the capx that u r using to test so that we can see what in ours is causing the issue by eliminating few of them to identify the issue.

    Hoping u can spend little more time on this to help us as i am almost ready for a release except this is blocking.

  • Hi austin,

    As advised, I've downloaded and installed the latest clay.io plugin, and re-tested as a CocoonJS export.

    Unfortunately I'm still unable to play my game, as the touch objects are unresponsive. I've tested on my Samsung S (using Android 2.3) and my Samsung tablet (using Android 4.0), but neither are working.

    I have also re-tested the game without clay.io plugin and it works fine

    I've looked through the CocoonJS log, and there are no warnings or errors. I have looked very carefully through the "All" section of the log and there do not appear to be any issues (it just contains a list of lines acknowledging image loads, followed by lines indicating each load has been successful). I would have sent you a screen-shot of this, unfortunately the list is quite long (130 lines), so would not fit into a single screen-shot.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I could do to help you isolate the problem.


  • Im having trouble using the system expression "ModalsOpen" when using the coocoonjs launcher.

    I have a check that only allows certain types of action if the ModalsOpen count is 0 or less, but it is never true.

    I've been reading everything I could find from you austin, and based on what that I'm guessing it's because cocoonjs doesn't support DOM elements. It would however be great to know if any ClayIO window is showing or not.


    The only error that I get from the cocoonjs launcher is:

    JSUTilities Exception: TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'I.UI') Line: 1945: ? Tag: requestAnimationFrame

    But this dosn't seam to have anything to do with this specific problem?

  • austin Kyatric Tom

    Whereas Clay.io still do not, have any means of games made in Construct 2 for iPhone / Android, stores have items for the player to purchase using a credit card or other means?

  • For those people with the problem of no touch. This is a know problem with an established fix. In the plugin folder that is downloaded there should be a handful of files. These need to be put into the export zip file. If they aren't no touch controls will work. I suggest following up on Clay.io forums.


  • Of course we did that , but still doesn't work. If you want to give a try to the capx and make it work we will all appreciate especially in Android and when posting to facebook after logging in in iOS,


  • Hi austin,

    Just wanted to ask how I'd add extra button options to the clay.io window (e.g. post to facebook / twitter buttons). Do I need to create a new layout or is there some way I can do this through the plugin. Can I do it in C2 or do I have to change the clay.io css file, and if it's the latter, how do I then reference the buttons from Construct.

    I followed your useful tutorial re: API integration, but that only showed me how to post directly to facebook/twitter/clay.io. I'd like to give players an option to select, instead of automatically going to facebook/twitter etc.

    Sorry if this is a dumb question (I'm still quite a novice programmer) but I've been looking for documents about this and haven't found anything helpful yet. Perhaps another simple tutorial would help.


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  • If anyone has made windows 8 work with Clay.io and leaderboards please help =) here is my tale so far following the instructions from Austin on the Clay.io community section. Clay.io


    I tried following the above and i get this error:

    Unhandled exception at line 3, column 11555 in ms-appx://2c5a28f4-2aa5-4927-8e4a-c9f99a23ac12/api.js

    0x800a01b6 - JavaScript runtime error: Object doesn't support property or method 'ready'

    It references this code (snipped since its long):

    namespace("Clay",function(t){return t.Achievement=function(){function n(n)...........(snipped)

    I am using the api.js, api.css, and socket.io.js from my clay plugin directory. Using the above files lead to another error since the socket.io.js above is not a complete file.

    Any ideas?


    I also get i just noticed:

    Exception was thrown at line 2, column 36961 in ms-appx://2c5a28f4-2aa5-4927-8e4a-c9f99a23ac12/socket.io.js

    0x800a01ad - JavaScript runtime error: Automation server can't create object

    If i move the socket.io.js to be loaded up first in the index.html


    Aaaaand If i change the Package Action for these 3 items from Content to Resource it no longer attempts to load them (i'm guessing since no error and it doesnt show in the running part of the solution when i try and run it) and the error changes to:

    Unhandled exception at line 9092, column 3 in ms-appx://2c5a28f4-2aa5-4927-8e4a-c9f99a23ac12/c2runtime.js

    0x800a01bd - JavaScript runtime error: Object doesn't support this action

    Which occurs when i click on my Show Leaderboards call and I assume this is happening since the other files did not actually load.

  • Is anyone else having issues removing scores right now from the leaderboards with the debug mode?

    Doesn't seem to happen anymore with me :\

  • Is anyone else having issues removing scores right now from the leaderboards with the debug mode?

    Doesn't seem to happen anymore with me :

    I'm testing an app right now and had no issues removing my accidental scores using debug mode.

  • I think I've responded to most of you all over on the Clay.io community, and through email :)

    lemo - still looking into why deleting scores isn't working for you, but haven't been able to replicate, sending you another email.

    urbano - our payments API doesn't comply with Apple and Google Play's TOS, so if you're using CocoonJS to wrap your game in their app store, Clay.io isn't an option (they require payments go through their own systems - something we're still working on.

    If I've overlooked anything, do let me know :) The Clay.io community and email are the best two options for that - just easier for me to digest.

  • i have a question about the plugin, the players must have an account on the clay.io for post theirs scores? or anybody can put their names and post?

  • i have a question about the plugin, the players must have an account on the clay.io for post theirs scores? or anybody can put their names and post?

    From how I have used it. You can register as a Guest and post a score like that but this can be disabled on your project settings. Alternately you can close the login dialog box and if you do not log in the socres will be posted as Anonymous.

    tldr: you do not need an account to post scores.

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