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  • austin Yeah I guess websockets make sense for multiplayer games and maybe your "multiplayer rooms" feature, but it still kinda confuse me for one-time send and receive simple leaderboards

    Anyway, I started to do some testing with a leaderboard and a custom display,

    can you explain more in detail LeaderboardRank, LeaderboardRankScore and LeaderboardRankName?

    You just mention it quickly in the forums, and they doesn't seem to appear on the docs yet...

    Apparently it uses the player name from the last posted score from the plugin session, but tend to retrieve the highest score from that name instead of the last one?

    Or do I have to put some variable in there like LeaderboardRank(x)?

    EDIT: Also will we be able to edit/delete specific leaderboard scores (one at a time) in the future?

  • Can someone help ?

    am trying to use clay.io with CocoonJS and [r114] Construct 2, but i am getting a blank screen , i followed all the process of packaging the zip files with the above mentioned files but still no luck, Here are my files with the simplified version, please help, i am really stuck , btw i am trying it in iPhone 5 using CocoonJS Launcher.

    dl.dropbox.com/u/80050021/smoothscrollclay.zip (zip files after packing the 4 Clay.io related CocoonJs files and webview folder) - You will see a blank screen

    dl.dropbox.com/u/80050021/smoothscroll.zip - after the export, the screen comes and no touch will work.

    Also here is the capx that i used dl.dropbox.com/u/80050021/SmoothScroll21.capx it has small leaderboard button to show the leaderboard whe u click on it.

    Not when i remove clay.io object everything would work without issues, please advise.

  • lemo It would be a bit of a pain to go back and forth between websockets and AJAX (as far as the development process - it is a bit overkill for leaderboards, but for other features it makes sense.

    Added info about those to the docs (on the website) - thanks for the reminder!

    If you enable debug mode (Clay.io plugin properties) you should be able to delete scores when they show.

    Sent you back an email

  • austin okay thanks I seem to get the last score right now!

    (ps: in the docs you typed two times LeaderboardRank instead of LeaderboardRankScore)

    Now for other suggestions, could we have optional tags for posted/fetched events? For example I may add a secondary leaderboard for the same game for other elements, but I don't want it to trigger the other leaderboard events when I post something

    Also to optimize loading times, is it possible to add an action to load manually clay.io when we like, instead of the beginning? Because the player won't post a score at the very first seconds, and I prefer to have all the bandwith available (even if it takes just one second) for my assets and music which are still loading at that time

    (if the "load clay.io" action is not present it would load at startup as usual)

  • The option In-game Payments of Clay.io, worked if the game is exported for iOS / Android?

  • Greetings folks.

    Is anyone having any trouble with the plugin via the Chrome Web Store? I can't get it to load up and run leaderboards, achievements, etc... it's the only platform that's giving me trouble. Is there anything special you guys know about or you can offer any suggestions?

    The game in question is on the Chrome Web Store here.

    I appreciate any info; this is driving me nuts. I don't wanna post new projects with clay.io on chrome web store if people can't use the features!

  • austin

    I would love a new option for the leaderboards

    For the moment we can choose between 'Individual' and 'Cumulative'

    Now how about 'Best', which hides all (useless imo) player duplicates and only fetch the best score for every name?

    EDIT: As an alternative, a really useful thing would be a "Delete score" action, or a "Replace:Yes" option in the "Post score" action, so I could delete the previous score(s) from a player before replacing it by the new one if it's a better score (thus making the leaderboard smaller and the charge on your severs lighter...)

    I really don't need to have multiple entries for each player in my case

  • Austin what has happened with BB10?, I have 20 games, I think about make Blackberry exclusive, and your plugin is key to success of these games.

  • Can I use this when exporting with node-webkit?

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  • Can I use this when exporting with node-webkit?

    Just wanted to second that question, Austin. With node-webkit out and desktop export a reality, can we expect clay.io to work with it?

  • Hi austin,

    I know you must've heard it many many times by now, but great work on the fantastic plugin.

    I incorporated it into my game today, and it worked really well when testing on the PC.

    Unfortunately when I packaged it up for my Android phone (using CocoonJS) the front page opened, but none of the touch controls were active, so I couldn't play the game. I've looked through the API integration tutorial and some of the other doc's out there, but I can't find any answers. Do you have any idea what I might have done wrong?


  • I am in the same boat, It doesn't work on Andrioid and even on iOS certain features won't work like "Invite Friends" "Post to Wall" when packaged with CocoonJS. Austin(clay.io developer) said he had been working on it to fix them , but still i haven't seen the fix so far. Unfortunately there is not better way to integrate until the cocoonJS comes with their own extensions and Construct 2 implements in the plugin which i think will happen later after first quarter of 2013.

  • Looks like there has been a lot of activity here. I don't check here too often, so your best bet is to post on the Clay.io Community.

    lemo If more people request it, I'll get that in for you sooner than later. It's a lower priority right now, but keep mentioning it to me and it will eventually exist :)

    I like the idea of a 'best' leaderboard - it's in the new version of the plugin :) link

    urbano Not yet

    space Ape - The zip file C2 makes for Chrome doesn't set the right security permissions to allow Clay.io to load in the Chrome Web Store. Try the steps here: clay.io/docs/chrome

    HenMex Did the plugin previously work on BB10 and now no longer work?

    InvaderX From what I've been told, the plugin doesn't work with node-webkit currently. It's on my todo list

    Blacksmith & - I now have an Android to test on, and it's working for me, including touch events. Can you download the most recent version of the plugin and take a screenshot of the CocoonJS log when running the game? Thanks!

  • austin - The 'best' leaderboard suggestion was fantastic, thanks for getting that added in quickly!

    Clay.io is a great plugin and service; I hope you guys are doing well, financially, to grow and make clay.io a strong platform.

  • Thanks for the 'best' leaderboard indeed =)

    Works -almost- like a charm, I'm still getting a few duplicates here and there for some reason: snap

    (also LeaderboardRank seems to returns strange results with the 'best' mode, but I may hide it anyway)

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