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  • who's ads are you running? Cocoonjs?

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  • Trying this addon again, am I right in saying that the ads never show in preview mode? Or do I need to do something to make the ads show? I've dragged a bar (480 x 150) onto my title screen and I get a big black bar where the ads should show. It seems right, just no ad showing. Do I need to do something else or is it just because I'm previewing on C2?

    In preview mode there's only a black bar with a warning saying ads don't appear in preview mode. In my experience, to see the ads the best way to do is to export a html page and upload it to dropbox, then open it on a browser that has no adblock on.

  • Thanks, yes it works when uploading and turning adblock off, thanks

  • Hi, I'm making a small game for windows phone 8. Wonder if the plugin's features are available are not?

    If not, does any body know a simple way to post score to facebook?

    Thanks in advance

  • austin I'm looking at releasing for CocoonJS, and I noticed there were issues integrating this plug in with it. Is there any updates with that?

  • Hi Austin .. I need help in making payment process in game using Clay.io .. I have added game on Clay.io & set api key in Clay.io Object. I have added Item worth of 5 $ & set it's ID in add Item. when I make check out. It says you need to be connected to internet. Game is not published on clay.io & I don^t intend to do that until I am done with payment of item.

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