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  • Ads does not work for me... I tryed on my games, theese games use clay.io plugin but ads does not work.... On localhost i see this black bar and text, but online i see nothing...

  • Do you have adblock enabled?

  • I do not use adblock... But i do not see ads in nodejs too after export and in preview...

  • If you do preview in Chrome, and hit ctrl+shift+i does the console log any errors?

  • I found this:

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21297365/obrazky/clayio%20advert%20problem.png" border="0" />

    but i think, that it is construct 2 problem, because when i use softgames plugin, i have same problem...

  • Continuing dialog via your email :)

  • austin

    Did banner ad size 320x50 will only work for mobile browsers ? For every desktop browsers it wont display ads in that size, other size will display the ads.

    How about interstitial banner ? For example when game over I want to display interstitial ads and user need to click "X" to close it before continue. Am I able to do this ?


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  • austin

    Hi, I just want to file a bug.

    The ad banner will crashed your game if, for example

    1)Turn off Internet connection

    2)Refresh layout (e.g restart the game in construct 2)

    I was hoping to make my games available offline. I did turn off display ads immediately.

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/65841566/ClayIO%20ads%20offline%20bug.png" border="0" />

  • austin and everybody

    In clay.io website settings you can also add advertisement to the game. What is the different between adding Ads banner in Construct 2 and using Clay.io in game settings ?

    Also I already upload my game but when I test it the ad banner seems not refreshing even I did put the interval in Construct 2. Or should we just set the refreshing manually in the event code ?

  • tumira - adding it in the game settings is just for the Clay.io marketplace, and is a bit less customizable on the positioning and showing/hiding of the ads.

    320x50 typically just shows on mobile devices (because the mobile ad networks we source from have that restriction).

    The error you took a screenshot of shouldn't happen anymore in the new version.

  • New Clay.io feature that has made its way into Construct 2 via the Advertisements Plugin: Cross Promotion. You can now cross promote with other games - essentially you provide traffic to other games and they provide traffic back to you.

    Here's what it looks like:

    <img src="http://new.tinygrab.com/a160021eef33596b3d239b184a69ab15305aef0b13.png" border="0">

    You can also display a vertical bar instead. On mobile, we just show a 320x50 banner instead of the full bar:

    <img src="http://new.tinygrab.com/a160021eef31b54e2c3e9313d697fdd0fbed78ee18.png" border="0">

    You can read the blog post about this new feature here.

    As always, we're very open to feedback about this feature :)

  • I stil do not see ads...

  • Perfect austin, better is impossible, very easy to use and extremely user friendly.

  • Raiper341 check your email

    TELLES0808 glad you like :)

  • austin, the banner on Clay.io is having the same issue of our folks, it's not showing properly.

    The plugin will gain a new release soon?

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