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  • austin

    I seem to have trouble getting the Clay.io ads working on CocoonJS.

    The main Clay.io plugin works fine (leaderboards etc.) but not the ads.

    Is there anything I should add to the zip (like with the main plugin) before I send it off to ludei?

  • Another concern I have with this plugin:

    How do you actually use ads that display in end of action screens properly(like you finished a level).

    The ad object has to be added in the layout, so unless your end of action screen is a separate one, you have the problem of not displaying it until the appropriate time.

    When you try to hide the ad with the action of the plugin, you will unfortunately get a javascript error. Maybe I'm missing something...

  • awarmenhoven haven't worked out CocoonJS integration for this plugin yet. On the todo list to see if it's even possible :)

    PixelRebirth I've updated the plugin (advertising plugin) to have a property on whether or not to display the advertisement when loaded. I haven't been able to replicate your problem with the hide advertisement action.

  • PixelRebirth I've updated the plugin (advertising plugin) to have a property on whether or not to display the advertisement when loaded. I haven't been able to replicate your problem with the hide advertisement action.

    Oh indeed, the updated version solves the problem. My bad. Thanks for explaining!

    Btw the mentioned error happens when you put the hide action in a Start of layout event.

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  • austin That kind of explains :)

    Thanks for the reply.

  • austin

    I am trying to get a second advertisement to show up in my game, but it refuses to. The first one works great. It shows and hides correctly everytime, but when I try to get a second to show up, it just doesn't work.

    The second ad is on a different layout and a different size, hence why I need a different one.

    Are there any known issues with showing more than one ad?

    If so, are there a work around? Or, am I just witnessing a bug?

    Thanks for any help!

  • I'm able to show two ads, do you have a link I can try this out at? Feel free to email me if you don't want it public: austinhaj@clay.io

  • Hi Austin

    I tried adding the clay.io and I have some problems, I have added an

    "ad" to my main menu, that refreshes every 15 s, and it works fine. However I then tried to make it so when the player is done with a game, and the high score is showing an "ad" will show underneath it. And when the player presses retry I want it to go away. However whenever I use the 'show' and 'hide', I get a .js error saying.

    "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'Show' of undefined."

    Im just previewing it through C2. Are there anything special about using these actions for it to work?

  • nimos100 I think most others have been able to use the show and hide. Can you take a screenshot of how the events are setup? I took a look at the code and didn't see an obvious reason for why you would be getting that error.

  • austin

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/109921357/Tests/Test.png" border="0" />

    When a new game is started "Game_lost = 0" and when the game is lost its changed to 1.

    Don't know if this helps, but this is the error it give.

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/109921357/Tests/Test_2.png" border="0" />

    When you close the error message a black box where the ads container is shows up, but the game wont load.

  • I tried this plugin in loading screen but add is not shown and when loading is done it gives an error


    Edit: My bad :D I didn't read readme txt and it says I need clay.io plugin too so I download it everything is fine now

    Thanks for the plugin

  • I was hoping to include a pre-roll ad in my game. I enabled it on the clay.io-website, but it doesn't show. Is it possible to have the pre-roll ad with Construct 2? If so, how?

  • I have the pre-roll ads on mine, and they seem to be working. I haven't yet added the in game plugin though.





  • Could it be that those pre-roll ads only work on clay.io itself? I would want them to play everywhere, if possible, just like mochiads.

  • Preroll ads in the API are coming soon :) The implementation is actually done for the raw API, just not yet for the Construct 2 plugin

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