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  • austin

    Still doesn't work.. :/

  • Great work austin , i wanna try it first :)

  • Could you try once more here: http://clay.io/plugins/scirra-ads.zip?

    If that doesn't work, can you send me your capx, or a sample capx where you are able to replicate so I can figure it out? austinpat@clay.io

  • austin

    Nope, it didnt work. Here is my sample capx https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/137453456/clayadtest.capx

  • Dear Austin. When I run windows (node webkit) version of my app and press on Advert - nothink happens. Seems it glitches. Because if I use it in preview and press on an advert - it hidess and button become active, but nothink of thise in Node Webkit. I really need it to run like application on PC

  • Will look into both of these later this afternoon

  • The plugin has been updated - tested it with your capx and it works now. I also tested node-webkit and that works as well

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  • Strange. Still dont work on my project. Can you look? docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz5440Je3IL_QzF0UFB3M2xtX1k/edit

    P.S. And I am running Win 7 64bit, amd, nvidia.

  • And when I close app - it stuck in processes.

  • MadScientist it worked for me with your capx (Node-webkit export, minified). Are you sure you copied over the plugin directory correctly?

    As a side note, it looks like I'll have to disable ads in node-webkit because the advertisements aren't opened up in the browser (and we don't have control over that)

  • No. I see Image of advert in my Node file but cant open it in any way. I only need that function. Is there any way to make it open in exsiting window or in iFrame. Yes. iframe would be good enoufgh.

  • Can you add some expression that will send end url of current advert to some variable so people could decide how to use. Because if that is possible I can make invisible button over advert and after click send url to iframe plugin, which will open url.

    May be my problem is that I use Steam bought Construct. Anyway my plugins are in steam folders, where they should be.

    Later I will try to compile with Awesomium and Tide Kit, but now I cant manage them.

  • the plugin refuses to work for me. I am using chrome and exporting not minified.

  • SpacialPumpkin - do you have AdBlock on?

    Unfortunately I don't have control over how the ad links act, so they cannot be opened in a browser window. I've updated the plugin to not show ads at all in Node Webkit. It still works in the other exports.

  • Ok. I managed allitle with plugin and have few questions.

    How can I see that my advertisments work, because when I tried to click on it - I didn't sow any changes on my clay.io account. I mean this -

    "We owe you $0.00. Click here to request a payout. Automatic payouts are on our to-do list! "

    Not a single $0.01. I have to be sure to have all working before releasing my app's. Or it is because I didn't published it on clay.io???

    If so - this is bad, because I dont want to publish some my apps on clay.io and the reason is that nobody need them there, some of them made for not too large societies of mmo games. But anyway they are registered on clay.io and have a key which I use in plugin.


    P.S. In the end of the week will be released new beta version of Construct with updated Node which will support opening urls in new browser window(By the words of support).

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