[Facebook for Websites] - Update 1-29-2016

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  • The new Facebook plugin for Construct 2 for websites is finally here under my new H1K3 brand. With it comes two new features: Developer Email alerts to email yourself from within the Construct 2 environment, and a Graph API action to make GET, POST, and DELETE calls to the Facebook graph API. Truly unlock Facebook with this new little beauty.

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    Find the documentation at:

    http://docs.lockegames.com/index.php?ti ... ebook_Init

    In case you haven't heard, Facebook is shutting down it's Parse service. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35441445 So with that in mind, I'm offering a 10% discount on all of my Facebook items at http://shop.lockegames.com from now until 7/3/2016.

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  • Anyone that downloaded prior to writing this I had neglected to place the channel file in the zipped folder. Re-download and the error will go away.

  • New version 0.15 is ready for download. See original text.

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  • New version 0.16 includes an expression for the third party ID. An anonymous version of the Facebook UserID that can be shared with third parties.

    Refer to this tech spec for details on usage:

    Third Party ID developer information

    Next version will include two logout options:

    First will allow user to delete your app but remain logged into Facebook.

    Second will log user out of facebook with no change to your app installation.

    Also more user specific detail expressions.

  • facebook complete?? seriously?

  • Joannesalfa

    I'm assuming thats a dig because it's not complete yet? If not sorry for misunderstanding. If so I do apologize for not having it complete yet. The Facebook API and graphapi are very in depth, making it complete after a days work isn't feasible. I thought I would put this thread here however and update whenever I update so users can use the latest plugin I have. If you want it complete I could use the help writing the plugin. :)

  • No problem, i tought Facebook Complete is better and complete than official plugin.

    I was hoping there will be 100% facebook, i prefer waiting until you release new version as complete.

  • New version 0.17 includes

    1)Log user out of Facebook action

    2)Delete all app permissions action(same as remove button in app settings for user accounts)

    3)User Gender expression

    4)User Locale expression

    5)Facebook user link expression(http://facebook.com/user)

    6)Facebook Username expression

  • I have not tried this yet but it if the features are true this sounds great. Keep up the good work and I'll tell you what happens when I get around to checking this out.

  • Index

    It should all work fine ATM. I'm working on the scores next, then app requests, followed by wall posting. That should bring this up to par with the official plugin and avoid using the app secret. As well as work with all the pesky breaking changes Facebook keeps rolling out. Ill probably add the javascript(non redirect) login as well but I can't seem to find info on how you use it to handle revoked permissions like Facebook requires now. So I'd recommend avoiding that way for the time being.

  • Don't you plan to integrate official facebook plugin conditions and actions?

  • I plan on adding everything Facebook. I had just considered dropping the javascript login though because from what I can see its not compatible with the new requirement that you need to catch and handle denied permissions at login. Other then that if Facebook allows it ill eventually be adding it.

  • Don't you plan to integrate official facebook plugin conditions and actions?

    Joannesalfa Yes thats why scores and wall posting are first on the list for actions. So that along with the app requests will bring me past the point of the official for actions. As far as conditions. I'll see about adding those first because you are right, they are sorely lagging in this plugin.:) There just not as much fun for me to code. :(

  • I hope you could add them to feel us better.

    Coding isn't fun, but when you take a break and you figured out for better solution, it's fun :)

  • New version 0.18:

    Includes three new trigger conditions:

    On App User Logged In: This will trigger whenever a user first accepts permissions(installs your app) or when their status changes to reflect this(user accepted permission on a different browser/machine) Note you need to use the update status action to fetch the users current status.

    On App Not Installed This will trigger whenever a user first removes/denies permissions(uninstalls/rejects your app permissions) or when their status changes to reflect this(user rejected/uninstalled permissions on a different browser/machine) Note you need to use the update status action to fetch the users current status.

    On Facebook Logged Out This will trigger whenever a user is not logged into Facebook in this specific browser window. Users can log out of other Browsers and this will not trigger until the user logs out of Facebook in the current window. Note you need to use the update status action to fetch the users current status.

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