[Facebook for Websites] - Update 1-29-2016

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  • Still don't see any way to send a message between players. Does the Facebook interface have something that will do this?

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  • It does although it would require user click acknowledgement. So you can read messages if given permission and you can send messages for the user, however it will require the user clicks an "I'm sure I'm ok with sending this" type of button for it to go through. I also believe with the changes recently to Facebook that these messages will be sent to the other(spam) folder by default.

  • lanceal,

    I have download facebookexample.capx file and check it on google chrome when it open on Google chrome it show noting just a white background appear on the screen what is the issue did you know ?

  • rob,

    currently the example just shows you how to log a user into the system and adds a little button to upload a picture to the users profile. None of the features are detailed there except how to handle the log in. You would need to have your facebook developer account already setup so you can input your app id into the plugin, but after that it should log a user in fine for you and upload a picture of the white background to the users profile.

  • I can't open Example Capx, who can help me? i use c2 r199

    that file only can be opened with c2 r122 or higher :(

  • Download the newest release from scirra.com/construct2/releases/r132

  • i must buy it? :(

  • i bought c2 r119 so t update or buy?

  • minhhieu493

    I believe it was saved in that update so yes you would need to update. The example however really doesn't have much in it at the moment. Just more or less shows you how to approach the logging in using the approach that Facebook would like. I'm working on a paid project at the moment so I haven't had time to put up a tutorial or bigger example file. If someone wants to do that then I'd be glad to walk them through how the features work via messaging. I just can't spend the time I would like to on this because the paid project is taking up the majority of my time.If you or anyone needs help though I'm always open to helping via messaging or find me on facebook as hikenh

  • Does this work with PhoneGap?

  • I don't think so. Anyway, i'm not able to make work the "post score", i do the log in using the dialog in the loader layout, with this configuration.

    <img src="http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/5681/screenshot1mas.png" border="0" />

    The i call the "publish score", but the score is always 0.

  • blackcatgames

    Would you mind sharing your capx? I just tried logging into your app and received a page not found error. Are you in sandbox mode in your developer settings? That wouldn't cause the error I'm just curious why I can't access your app.

  • blackcatgames

    Make sure you are accounting for the other type of Facebook user settings as well. Currently in that screen the app only logs you in if the user is logged into facebook but has never given permissions(installed the app). So after the first time they give permission it will not try and log the user in.Which can be a problem over time when the access token expires.

  • Hmm looks like one of the breaking changes for lack of better terms, broke the plugin. Lol I'm going to play with it tonight and see what happened.

  • Version 0.31 is here. This version fixes the ability to submit user scores. Also 2 new conditions. OnUserHiscoreSubmit and OnUserHiscoreReceive.

    See the new features live

    Current Version: 0.31

    Version 0.31

    Example Capx


    Example in action

    Sample Here

    Version 0.21 (old for breaking changes purposes) If you are updating from version o.21, make sure to remove any story posting references first. Or you will need to revert back to this version to do so before updating.

    Facebook Complete

    <font color="red"><font size="6">CURRENT FEATURES</font></font>

    <font size="5">ACTIONS:</font>

    Update Status - Update the user login status

    Login Dialog - Log User Into your app

    Update Basic User Info - Fetch available basic user data

    Facebook Logout - Log User out of Facebook

    Delete App - Delete your application for the user

    Post Story - Post Story to Users Feed

    Publish score - Publish a score for this user

    Request user top score - Request user top score

    Prompt To Share Story - Prompt to Share Story to Users Feed

    Invoke Pay Dialog - Prompt User to Purchase an Item with Facebook Credits.

    Fetch Game Friend List - Fetch a list of all users friends that play this app.

    Fetch game friend info by array ranking number - Fetch game friend info by array ranking number.

    Login Popup - Log into your app using javascript(non redirect)

    <font color="green">Upload Photo by URL</font> - Upload a photo to the users profile.

    <font size="5">CONDITIONS:</font>

    On App User Logged In - triggers when user status changes to installed

    On App Not Installed - triggers when user status changes to not installed

    On Facebook Logged Out - triggers when user status changes to a user who has not logged into Facebook

    On Facebook Info Populated - Triggered When user Facebook Information Expressions are populated

    Is user logged in - True if currently being viewed inside Facebook by a logged in user

    On Story Success - Triggered when the last story action completes successfully.

    On Story Failed - Triggered when the last story action completes unsuccessfully

    On Payment Success - Triggered When user successfully completes a credits transaction.

    On Payment Failure - Triggered When user unsuccessfully completes a credits transaction.

    On Game Friends Loaded - Triggered once all game friends have been loaded.

    <font color="green">On Photo Upload Fail</font> - Triggered once a photo failed to upload.

    <font color="green">On Photo Upload Success</font> - Triggered once a photo has been uploaded.

    <font color="green">OnUserHiscoreSubmit</font> - Triggered once a score has been submitted to Facebook.

    <font color="green">OnUserHiscoreReceive</font> - Triggered once the user score has been received.

    <font size="5">EXPRESSIONS:</font>

    UserID - Return the UserID of the Facebook player.

    UserAccessTokenExpiresIn - Return the seconds left until the Access token expires.

    UserLoginStatus - Return the login status of the Facebook player

    UserAccessToken - Return the current User Access Token

    UserSignedRequest - Return the current Signed Request

    UserFullName - Return the users full name

    UserFirstName - Return the users first name

    UserLastName - Return the users last name

    ThirdPartyID - Return the users Third Party ID

    UserGender - Return the users gender

    UserLocale - Return the users locale

    UserLink - Return the users Facebook link

    UserUserName - Return the users Facebook Username

    StoryFeedPostID - Return the PostID for the last story feed posting or error if an error occured

    UserPicture - Return the users true Facebook Picture Url

    ScoreError - Return the status of the last Score Posting

    Score - Get the score, when in a 'on user top score' or 'on hi-score' event

    Payment Order Status - A Facebook order status IE.. 'settled'.

    Payment Order ID - A Facebook order id.

    Payment Error Code - An error code identifying the error.

    Payment Error Message - An error message describing the error.

    Current friend score - Current selected game friends score.

    Current friend name - Current selected game friends name.

    Current friend ID - Current selected game friends ID.

    Current friend rank - Current selected game friends rank.

    Game Friend Array length - Current selected game friends array length.

    Minimum Age Range - The user's minimum age range.

    Maximum Age Range - The user's maximum age range.

    Email - Users Email Address

    Birthday - Users Birthday mm/dd/yyyy format

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