[Facebook for Websites] - Update 1-29-2016

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  • thanks

  • Thanks for the great plugin Lanceal :)

    I was wondering is there a way to to use your plugin to send invitation to your game to all your friend list? and not just those who already played the game.

    I've been trying to figure out who to do that feature for weeks.

    Thanks for the help :)

  • Evil Snowman0

    Yes it is possible, I've got an updated plugin that includes a bit more functionality such as sending private messages. I just haven't released it as of yet. You can check out the messaging in a non profit app I'm working on.

    Help solve the mystery app

  • Ok great thanks!

    I'll be waiting for the new plugin to be released. Any idea when it might be?

    Very cool your non-profit app. :)

  • Evil Snowman0

    Thanks, it's far from being done. I have to add more photos, case history and I want to add a reference to people that have already been ruled out.

    As for the plugin, I'm not entirely sure yet.

  • First of all, thanks Lanceal for spending so much time making such a feature complete plugin.

    I really didn't want to waste your time with stupid questions, but unfortunately I have to!

    Our game is an Android app, compiled with CoccoonJS. We do not plan to have an online version for public viewing- we want the Android game to post directly to facebook with links to the Google Play store or the FB page for the game.

    The problem seems to be that FB insists on having a URL for the game to re-direct to.

    For testing, we have set this to localhost and the FB posts work fine.

    To get it to work on Android, I tried hosting the game on my site and using that URL instead.

    I have the game connecting online using the popup login. On the phone, the game just hangs when you press the connect button.

    I didn't see anywhere in the plugin properties to add the app secret- I don't know if that is relevant.

    So, my stupid question is- how do I get the Android app to login to facebook?

    I am assuming the plugin is compatible with Coccoon...

  • Used to be you could use a special redirect but I think they changed that back around January. The push now is for mobile apps to be built using the native code. I'll look more into it tonight but I'm pretty sure this plugin and the standard Facebook plugin won't work for you in this case. Only the cocoonjs plugin will work. As far as the app secret, it's a very bad idea to put it into a plugin because anyone with knowledge of ajax could take that and your app I'd and start doing things you may not want them to. So I took it out of this plugin, instead I fetch a user token and make calls using that.

    Here is the redirect URL that used to work:


  • Thanks for your speedy response Lanceal.

    I'm not going to be doing any more coding before Monday because the sun's just come out!

    I'll check it out on Monday though- cheers

  • wow this plugin is looking great any plans on doing open graph stories and achievements?

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  • eldods

    I actually have a few of those implemented in a version I haven't uploaded here. I will likely publish these at some point.

  • HI:

    I have searching a pluging for facebook that works in Ios, android and other mobile platforms and compatible with Cocoonjs.

    is it?

    Sorry by my english...


  • JonathanCastro

    This plugin works fine on all of those as a web app as long as you use the URL redirect login. I'm not sure if the javascript works on all of those. This plugin won't work as a strictly native app. So as long aspeople log into your app through a URL bar or some hybrid stripped down html5 browser then this will work just fine. (Just make sure that for payments and login that you are using the redirect action. You could test the javascript I honestly have no idea if it works across all those, although I don't see why it wouldn't.

  • hey just wondering here if you have dropped advancing the development of this plugin or if youve just been to busy?

  • I am updating it but I haven't released the updates. I'm considering reworking the whole project to be more user friendly then I'm considering throwing it up on kick starter to raise the cost of a business license. Just giving you the update. :)

  • awesome man i really appreciate your work on this your doing great!!

    just not to clear from what you just posted, you will or you wont be publishing the update to the forums?

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