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  • May be it's because the input for target and origin is a string and variable values are not properly interpreted.

    Or it accepts only numbers.

  • May be it's because the input for target and origin is a string and variable values are not properly interpreted.

    Or it accepts only numbers.

    You can make this work by "stringing" your properties, using the "str()".

    example: str(Sprite.X) & "," & str(Sprite.Y)

    However, this is very counter-productive as the events begin to look messy. Also, I find it weird that the Target is RELATIVE, and not absolute to the layout.

    lunarray if you could change both "initial" and "target" to allow us to use any object properties (or, say, global variable), then the target wouldn't have to be relative to the tweened object. If you wanted that, you could simply use "Sprite.X + 100, Sprite.Y + 100"

    Maybe Ashley can help us? :D

    This is the nicest tween plugin we have here - it has all the powerful tweening features from Flash! The only thing holding me from using it is the ability to use an object property as coordinate or value easily!

  • BUMP!

    Sorry for bothering, but I'm excited to see this plugin working 100%! :P

    If you guys think relative targeting is a big improvement, why not have a Dropdown Menu with the option between Absolute and Relative? (similar to the "Set Group Active" box)?

  • Ah sorry for the late reply, I got many things happening irl >.< thank you for all the input, I will try to fix it soon...

  • hahah don't worry lunarray!

    I'm in love with your plugin, that's all! XD

    I've looked into your code, and I'll try to mess around with it tonight. If I make some progress I'll post it here.

  • Yeah, I don't really see the need for relative. C2 takes care of all of that for you.

    Otherwise this plug is highly recommended in my book.

  • Already updated the plugin to bring back the 'absolute' mode. And as for enabling the initial and target to accept variable, I don't know how to do that (guess I need help from more experienced plugin/behavior developer for that), so, I make a new action SetInitialX, SetInitialY, SetTargetX and SetTargetY...

  • ugh, still didn't find the time to test it... <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • hi lunarray!

    I started using it! It is so much better now!

    One bug I noticed so far is that I can't use a single zero on the initial/target dialogs for rotation. There's no crash or anything, the object simply stands on the initial angle.


    Ugh, nevermind, I was using relative (so 0 for target made it rotate zero degrees) <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Not being able to use variables to set the X and Y at the same time (excluding gammabeam's great workaround a few posts back) is a little disappointing, but being able to use variables when setting the X and Y separately works just as well.

    Thank you for continually making this plugin better and better!

  • Again, great plug.

    If you were to add to it, some more triggers might be nice.

    On start, on wait end, on end, etc.

  • newt

    Okay, thanks for the suggestion, I already uploaded the new version now, anyway if it has any bugs please do tell me... :)

  • Perfect!

    This plug is really coming out nice.

  • Wow man!

    I animated my logo with Ease Tween, now moving on to alert messages and dialog windows. These "OnTweenEnd" are PERFECT for this.

    Thanks a lot lunarray!

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  • +1 for the OnTweenEnd, thank you for the awesome plugin ;]

    This should be in the final release of C2

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