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  • Cool that you like it and "Force Start" just works! Very nice.

  • Well somethings broke now.

    What is expected when you use "Reverse Tween"?

    In one of my old games I had the behavior set so that when you did a start tween it went to a relative position, and when you started a reverse tween it went back to its original position.

    But it wouldn't do the reverse tween if it hadn't completed the initial start tween first.

    Right now when I call for a reverse tween, all objects move.

  • newt: Can you give me the capx? It will make debugging a lot easier for me :(

  • The original might be a bit confusing without knowing what is supposed to happen so I made an example.


    Also I added an extra event that is toggled. It shows how the way its working now could end up in a loop.

    If you want to make changes, that would be great, but its up to you.

    Just want to make sure that the usage is as expected.

  • Okay, I did change the behaviour alot back then. Sorry about that newt.

    The explanation for the cause of the bug is something like this (also how I handled this special case)

    The reverse action is no longer 'rewind' action since 1.5, that's why it broke.

    To fix it, I added the rewind/reverse combo to set which action will be performed when we do Reverse. The default is 'Reverse' tho, so that it won't break up many other ppl who use this plugin since 1.5. But in your case or any other who came before 1.5, you can use 'Rewind'. It works quite the same with the previous version...

    Very sorry for the inconvenience... :(

    PS: I already uploaded the 1.5.3 version. Could you please test it and tell me if it work for you?

  • Works here.

    Nice idea for the work around btw.


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  • hi lunarray, is it possible to make the ease tween Initial and target to take another object's instance variable?

  • Yung: Instance variable, why not use action SetTarget and enter Sprite.InstanceVariable in there?

  • I've tried it and it doesn't seem to work. Basically I plan to use EaseTween to do an energy regen bar thingy.

    I have two variables on a sprite, lets say Enemy.currentEnergy and Enemy.maxEnergy. I want to be able to input this two variables into the initial and target, so that once I call this regen thing, it will tween the value to my Enemy.maxEnergy variable.

    I was able to pipe in another variable to the Duration so I thought if it's possible to do that with initial and target. Then it would be easy to tweak the values by selecting the enemy sprites and not touch the event. Perhaps there's a better way to do it?

  • Is it something like this?


    It use families tho, but i think families are not necessary in this regard.

  • Thanks lunarray! That's pretty close to what I want, though I wanted it for reverse, kinda like Final Fantasy when you wait for your turn! But your example gives me a solid example!

  • I'm wanting to disable the behaviour settings on the left hand tool bar and manually enter actions in a sequence to create the following effect :

    Object starts faded out at bottom of window (invisible).

    Object fades in (becomes visible) moving upwards stopping at the middle of the screen with the bounce out effect

    Object pauses here for 5 or so seconds...

    Object continues upwards fading back out (becomes invisible) as it leaves the top of the screen.

    I can't seem to understand how to achieve such a basic maneuver using the left hand panel.

    Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated

  • I don't mean to be one of those bump posters though in this situation it's a bit of a hurry as I would prefer to use this plugin than the alternatives.

  • Jax: sorry for the late reply, as for your question which is do several tween, chained to each other, you can use several EaseTween behaviour on the same object. I tried making a simple capx for it.

    The key is to use multiple tween and the Wait property.

    example capx

    If you need explanation on how this work (the reason each settings in the left hand panel), just tell me and I'll try explaining.

  • Thank you very much for your reply no apology required. I'll look through the sample file now and see if I understand this properly. My concern with not being able to use events and actions to control the order of things is difficulty to orchestrate complex timings and busy layouts. Hopefully once I view you example this concern will be irrelevant.

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