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  • Yung Ah -_- that's a debugging alert I forgot to delete :D, it should be fixed now, could you download the one I just uploaded and try it again?

  • Ahh, it works perfectly now! Much thanks!!

  • I added new demo for the plugin. Maybe it can show people who did not came from AS3 background to understand what this component is usually used for.

    Disclaimer, All the picture used is not mine, credits to the all respective owner... <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • first off all thanx again for great plugin,

    question, i have multiple buttons, im doing a mouse over start tween, and i want a ping pong effect, but it keeps looping, even when i tell progress=1 > stop

    do i have to use another aproach?

    also i tried, sizetween and ping pong, but the sprite keeps getting larger?

    also tried alpha, when setting target to 0 it doesnt fade to zero, fadin up seems to work, and same thing ping pong keeps looping

  • If possible, can you show me a simple capx?


    Okay, meanwhile, I tried myself to recreate the problem myself.

    Did you mean something like this?

    looping button

    Don't forget to download the fixed behavior, it's now 1.3.2

    Hopefully this could solve your problem.

  • i just downloaded the new version and looked at your examples,

    maybe im thinking this in the wrong way, but how i tought it could be

    is like when you hover a button, i plays it pingpong animation whatever happens and then stops, you probably dont want when leaving a button it abruptly stops animating

    but i will recheck the posibilities, i guess you could use two tweens,

    i will post examples in future

    edit: i think the most dynamic way would be to have a playback mode

    "pingpong stop"

    so when you hover you have an in and out animation with one tween

    its more a feature as you can make it with two tweens... but saves events

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  • vtrix

    I hope I didn't misunderstand what you mean now..

    You want to create a button that's when a mouse is hovering on it, a tween is played, but when that mouse cursor leaves the certain object, the tween is played backward.

    One of the main confusion I got when making that is that there are no onMouseLeave and onMouseEnter on scirra -_- (have to code it on your own for every button). Mouse on object will continuously call EaseTween.Start, making the object bigger and bigger as long as the mouse is over it. Trigger once while true could helps, but it's still painful to make that.

    So, I modified the plugin and make play and stop, which is basically a version of play once that will not respond to subsequent start call. I cannot modify the original play once action since some people would use that to make dash, etc. It will be terrible if they can't dash after dashing once.

    I also make reverse action which will rewind a tween.

    That thing aside, this is the new behavior and looping button. I hope this is the one you need.

    Looping Button

    EaseTween 1.3.3

  • reverse action definatly cool,

    about the pingpong stop action, its almost right, except it keeps looping while your over it, it should play pingpong once and stop even if youre still over the button

    or maybe i need an combination to do this?

    if its not possible dont mind it, already very nice

  • I see. Have you tried using "Trigger once while true" condition? I could make it respond to Start action only once, but then, it will not be very flexible. For example, you make it ping pong everytime a mouse click, but it will only respond once...

  • vtrix I forgot to answer about opacity fade to 0, don't forget that target is relative. Therefore to fade an object from 100 opacity to 0 you have to use -100 as target...

  • lunarray

    yes with trigger once it works perfect, and with tweenprogress i can check when pingpong is done, thank you! :)

  • It may just be how Im using it but progress for value keeps returning a few decimals low. 0.009, rather than 0.9.

  • newt

    Ah yes sorry, silly typo on my side. It should be 'this.initiating' instead of 'this.initial'. It should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Definitively a cool behavior, but there's seem to be a bug: if you set target coordinates as variables like Target "varX,varY" or "MouseX,MouseY" - it doesn't work.

  • Definitively a cool behavior, but there's seem to be a bug: if you set target coordinates as variables like Target "varX,varY" or "MouseX,MouseY" - it doesn't work.

    this would be a useful functionality ;]

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