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  • gonzdevour

    I'm very sorry about that :( do you have a capx that still use the old easetween? I will try to make it as backward compatible as I could

    I will try to check if I still have the older easetween plugin and put it here


    I think that's a good idea rex, sorry this is my first time maintaining plugin :( so I am not quite familiar with how I should do things... Next time I make a huge update I will rename the plugin.

  • gonzdevour

    Ok, I added the v.1.1 download on up front...

  • Here's my oldest version EaseTween, I am not sure which version number it is.


    There's few plugin/behavior mainly support special effects,

    EaseTween is one of the best, it can do even better work from sine to flash,

    good job!

  • lunarray

    They're going with HTML5 export and testing it on every browser from there, which of course isn't as efficient as the other options. I hope the feedback is of use.

  • i came across this behaviour and am using the latest version.

    are there any other tween plugins and how do they compare? is this one th every best or am i missing on something?

  • Can Target accept a variable value or an expression or just a fixed number?

  • It can't accept variable value, only a fixed number in form of "x,y". For now some of the feature is broken :(, so, if you met a bug please be kind to share it here, I am trying hard to find a free time to fix this behaviour.

  • i'm using this behaviour a lot.

    semms like most things are working ok at my end. would love to be able to input expressions instead of fixed numbers

  • How do I find out which version I'm using?

  • I am afraid there are no easy way, you should open the behaviors\lunarray.tween\edittime.js using editor (notepad will do) and look at the version.

  • lunarray, great plugin so far, especially all possible easing functions (bounce out is my favorite), but there seems to be an issue with starting the tween, while another tween of the same object type is running. To put it different, you can't start tweening instances, while another instances of the same object type are being tweened.

    E.g. "MoveTo" behavior can do this.

  • i have the same problem like xoros

    also is it possible to add a new playback function: play x times

  • Could you post me a simple capx xoros/bjadams? It would help me alot to understand the problem :>

    Also for "play x time", I will consider it, but my goal for the time being is eliminating bugs and optimizing the tween, so it would have to wait :(

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  • Here's the .capx, where you can see the problem. Please note, you need 3 third party plugins in order to run it:

    1) Easy Tween

    2) Nickname

    3) MoveTo

    In the group "Move blocks" you can find it under the "Move blocks down" comment. Enable tweening with "EasyTween" and disable tweening with "MoveTo". Try to click on the chunks of blocks very fast, in order to see the effect.

  • Ah, I see what you meant. It is not a bug, it is working as intended.

    Short Answer: It's not really a bug actually, use the action "Force start" instead of "Start".

    Long Answer: Play once mode ignored subsequent start call if it is in mid-tween. It is by design, and have something to do with relative mode (geez, relative mode really brings alot of trouble). If you use Force start, it will be played regardless of the tween state.

    I hope it works for you, I tried it on my computer and it works fine here.

    PS: Very nice work there with the game :>

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