New Construct Arcade Has Landed

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    Something we've talked about internally. Not something we're able to offer right now but are thinking about options.

    • It would be cool to have Construct partner with online merchants like Paypal or Stripe leading the premium web games market.

    • totally understood.. i know Ashley has pushed back on this some, but could you make a Kongregate plugin? His response was "Kongregate could do it" but i've tried them and i don't see any traction happening there, but for the good of your platform and the community, giving us an option like that would be a pretty fair compromise right? you wouldn't have to get your hands dirty with processing payments or persistent user data and they have a mature API so I would imagine making the hooks to work would not be a heavy development task.

      It's not a perfect solution, but it would give us a real option for making robust web games that could be effectively monetized.