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  • Very nice to see the improvements and redesign! Any plans to enable monetization possibilities? Construct community is sorely in need of a way to make money from web games. Not something "with some coding.." developer able solutions, but something any competent Construct user could utilize. It may be as simple as video rewarded ads / ad / banners.. or maybe "Construct Bucks"? :)

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      Something we've talked about internally. Not something we're able to offer right now but are thinking about options.

      • It would be cool to have Construct partner with online merchants like Paypal or Stripe leading the premium web games market.

      • totally understood.. i know Ashley has pushed back on this some, but could you make a Kongregate plugin? His response was "Kongregate could do it" but i've tried them and i don't see any traction happening there, but for the good of your platform and the community, giving us an option like that would be a pretty fair compromise right? you wouldn't have to get your hands dirty with processing payments or persistent user data and they have a mature API so I would imagine making the hooks to work would not be a heavy development task.

        It's not a perfect solution, but it would give us a real option for making robust web games that could be effectively monetized.