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Make real-time online multiplayer games using the Multiplayer object. It is designed for low-latency gameplay and easy hosting with peer-to-peer connections, with a free hosted signalling server to help your players find each other.

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Fetch and post data around the web with the AJAX object. This lets you integrate other existing web services with your game.

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Where Ajax just isn't fast enough, establish a WebSocket connection from within your game for a real-time full-duplex communication stream.

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Remote Resources

Providing the server provides permission, your game can load resources like images, video and files from other servers across the web.

Developer Tools

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Designed to be a more accessible equivalent to functions in programming languages, functions let you easily re-use sequences of events anywhere in your project. It helps events work in an organised way eliminating repetition. You can even pass function parameters and use recursive functions.

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Data Structures & Storage

Use 1D, 2D and 3D arrays, dictionaries, and XML files in your games. Send and receive data over the web with networking features, download it from the browser to the user's disk, or stash it right in the browser's storage.

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Debugger and Profiler

Use the built-in debugger to view the full state of the game in real-time. Then you can pause and run it step-by-step, helping diagnose any problems that come up during development. The Profiler is also built-in to the debugger, and lets you review detailed performance information about your game. Easily identify which events are consuming the most CPU time to direct your optimisation efforts.

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Addon SDK

Advanced users can write new plugins, behaviors and effects using Construct's addon SDK. Everyone benefits from the availability of these extra addons, which can help add extra features or solve specific problems.