The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello everybody.

    I've been gaming for some 30 years now, and let me tell you: there's not enough new under the sun to keep this gaming habit going. So that's basically my primary motivation driving me to see if I can't just leverage some of that experience by becoming a game developer. Plus, it's good creative and intellectual practice!

    Though I've dabbled a bit with development in the past, I usually quit in a snit of cognitive dissonance before seeing the game to completion. I am hoping Construct 2's rapid prototyping capacity is going to turn that around by allowing me to decide what I want to commit to making before I run out of steam.

  • I'm what's known as an Assistive Technologist and it's my job to support the disabled people I work with using technology...

    I help promote their independence, communication and access to learning using specialist equipment but also adapting existing mainstream equipment.

    I have been using Construct2 to create activities and games that are accessible to the children and young people I work with. What a fantastically versatile tool

  • LoL, Hi all people from

    This is my first day on the site and i remade my first game and ill upload it soon.

    You can see it also work on my website

    Greetings, server075

  • Hello,

    This is my first day on Scirra community. I'm a beginner in game developing but I have one game in my account. It's created in unity but maybe next game will be created in construct2. (If someone is interested try search "Pyk Pyk" in one of the android markets).

  • I'm Giovanni, I'm 21 and it isn't my first day on the forums but i think its time to have an account. I'm a programmer and i really love all about the video games.

    I'm interesting in develop video games for windows phone.

    If someone needs a programmer i can help.

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  • Hi

    I discovered contruct 2 a year ago and I just love it

    I am an enthusiast of the game of go and I choose to create my own game (Human vs. Human and Human vs. CPU).

    It doesn't use much of the capabilities of construct2 but the UI management and the possibility to export my game to various platforms conviced me instantly.

    The game I am working on is already running somewhere on the internet and I hope sharing it soon to the community ! I need to improve the user interface before

    Have a nice day and happy coding !

  • Dear everyone,

    This is the introduction of "a new nice C2 member". I hope will got many support from you and also contribute to C2 community.

    I have some game idea and had been used gameSalad to make it, However, I realised some limitation of gameSalad, so I decided to go with C2 ( and hope that I it's right ^^ - even I don't like C2 editor because doesn't support MAC).

    I will release my first game very soon and hope everyone will happy to play it.

    Best regard,

    UP7 team

  • hello,i am new to creating games i did some before but not complete i want to try and get a career as a you know...

  • Hi y'all!

    I'm have done lots of programming, but wanted to have some fum on the side trying to make some games

  • Hi im iShawdo and i'm from Chile, and i'm noob in this but i want to colaborate on the game industries

  • Hello, there! I have been seeing what I can make testing the limits of the free version of this thing. Loving it so far, and can't wait to put together the scratch for the personal version!

  • hello i'm love this software

  • Hello! I am new and learning Construct 2 and am just getting into the Scirra community and will be using it really frequently!

  • Hello everyone just introducing myself.

  • Greetings everyone! ^_^

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