Construct 3 any news?

  • The mouse wheel button is the middle mouse button.

  • yes yes, i saw it after the publish post sorry , but the others not. I saw a solution by you using a for with loopindex,etc... to detect no key is down. But well better if they are events to be more easy to use.

  • I think I figured out why so many people start new Construct 3 forums instead of searching for this one: they can't.

    "Construct" is far too common a word on these forums, so the search engine throws it out, and "3" is a single character, so that gets ignored, too.

  • They should just sticky this post.

  • They should just sticky this post.

    Good idea.

  • any news about Construct3? at least any new feature revealed yet??

  • Well I am pretty sure that they are going to add in a way to make 3D games, they are just trying to find the balance to make it easier for new users. Already we can make semi 3D games with Construct 2 which is a plus. Moving forward I have confidence that they will add a excellent non coder way to do 3D. This is a demo 3D game made with Construct 2 ... mo-1-11082

    Also I hope they work on exporters but they said thats not a focus. I figure 3D and multiplayer will be the highlights and done very well since they are taking thier time. I hope they consider making it cheaper or free for existing Construct 2 buyers since we supported them first.

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  • This is a demo 3D game made with Construct 2 ... mo-1-11082

    That's not even remotely 3D. 3D means three dimensional, that game merely has 2 dimensions and hardly even appears to have a third one, so I wouldn't even say it falls under 2.5D.

  • I don't really mean to sound like a dick, but most of the things people are asking for in this forum are completely useless. Keyboard, mouse functionality? Keyboard and mouse functionality is flawless, there's no reason to add useless "features". Multiplayer is awesome and MUCH easier than any other engine, it'd be nice if they didn't add more to it and kept it as simple as it is right now, because in it's current state, making a multiplayer game takes less than 10 minutes.

    People have made some good points when it comes to project construction and organization within the IDE as a whole, but when it comes to plugin expansion that's not incredibly ridiculously nitpicky, official Steam, Gamejolt, etc support would be great. Support for the platforms we will be developing for from the very beginning, in other words.

  • Honestly, the main thing I'd like would be some sort of built in source control. It's not too hard to set up something that works decently already, but something native would be fantastic.

    Other than that, most things I'd be interested in are just quality of life improvements that could just go into c2.

  • If I were scirra I would wait to announce any release of c3 until after Clickteam have released their new Fusion 3, just in case it contains something magic that could be, ahem, inspirational.

  • Ashley

    It always gets me frustrated when i see how you're talking about your Multiplayer Plugin.

    It may not have reached your expectations in usage as in "numbers" or a high sale increase.

    But seriously...

    It's the only reason i'm here.

    It's the only reason i bought C2.

    Oh my god i freaking love it, and i wasn't even voting for it because i came later on!

    I bet the sales would be lower if you guys wouldn't have made the effort to code it.

    Simply KNOWING that it's possible, could make people prefer C2. It does not have to mean that they will ever use it.

    However i do. And i like it!

    My project requires Multiplayer and i'm still studying it during development, bit by bit.

    It's not easy to learn, but i understand it better day by day.

    The main problem is that there's only your basic example. I was happy when i saw someone selling a multiplayer shooting example which is based on yours.

    But if you take a closer look at it, there are a lot of mistakes inside that one (from the store)

    It's hard to make sure that the HOST handles all the logic, while keeping the Syncing as low as possible to save Bandwith. I've even created my own study to make sure i keep it as slim as possible.

    This makes it even harder for beginners to get into Multiplayer implementation.

    I really hope to see more people taking advantage of it.

    I've seen a lot people saying that it lags.

    The thing is.... Just one single mistake CAN make it lag. Like trying to sync something without input.

    And the Engine won't tell you that you've made something wrong. I got "lucky" after testing for days... and found that prick of an event xD

    But if it's properly implemented, it actually works pretty good!!

    The Prediction isn't bad. It could be more accurate but it's better than decent.

    On the other hand you have to design your game on day 1 based on Multiplayer.

    Implementing it on a finished game is nearly impossible if it's complex.

    I'm still hoping for major improvements on the Multiplayer features coming with Construct 3.

    Please don't scrap it!

    That would kill me.

    Give us more time.

    I don't have much spare time, so the progress of my game is really slow.

    But i'm doing my best to release it some day.

    I just found a way to create actual real physics on an isometric environment within Multiplayer.

    There are people out there who appreciate your hard effort of creating it.

    There are...

    Looking forward to sneak peaks of C3. (maybe in a year or two ? )


    And keep rocking!

  • Please don't scrap it!

    That would kill me.

    Give us more time.

    You bring up a good point, Everade. C2 has had pathfinding this whole time, too, and we're only just now starting to get some RTS's in the arcade. Some behaviors and plugins are really hard to learn, but I think they can still grow to be commonplace in the community, even after years with little to no use.

  • Also Construct 2 has to worry about companies like Gdevelop. The Gdevelop creator basically made a free version of construct 2 that can export to IOS,Android,Windows,Linux ,etc. They also copied the exact same event system and now have been working on native exporter. The native exporter option is exporting your game with Android Studio the official Android tool. Gdevelop has a ton of features that people asked for here, which means the bastards been checking out this website. Gdevelop has native storage something we don't have. It has advanced lighting and particles in its engine. You can even create layouts externally and import them into your project. You see these guys are bad, instead of making people pay for innovation they are giving it out free while hurting Construct 2.

    So you see why Construct 2 has to be careful and not reveal anything. Gdevelop has hurt Construct 2 business wise by offering the same + more product but for free. The reason I brought Construct 2 was because Construct 2 was the original , but most people don't think like that , they go for the free product. If it has the same features other people would rather go with the free version then pay a might $100+ bucks. Go check them out here They even have games on Kickstarter, the nerve of those people.

    So you see why Constrcut 2 has to remain tight lipped. You also see why we should support Construct 2 rather than just get a free product with more features. We should continue to make innovation grow by supporting Construct 2 and not being selfish.

  • Gdevelop has a ton of features that people asked for here, which means the bastards been checking out this website.... You see these guys are bad, instead of making people pay for innovation they are giving it out free while hurting Construct 2.....They even have games on Kickstarter, the nerve of those people.

    Choice-Supportive Bias is not a strength, and maligning competing devs is not helpful in the slightest. Let's keep our discussion less emotive, please, so the thread doesn't get closed.

    C2 is a great engine, but its evolution into c3 will need to accommodate users' demands so that there is no void for someone else to fill.

    I say good on the GDevelop devs for listening to the demand of their user-base. I doubt that the devs who use that engine don't have similar needs to this community.

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