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About MVC

ASP.NET is based on the MVC: Model - View - Controller software design pattern. It is a god practice for code organizing and maintantence. Other platforms, like iOS are based on the MVC pattern too.

First pass: Creating our first Model

Now we will crete our first Model. A Model is simply a class (an object-oriented programing concept). To create a Model class, you will:

1. Right click the Models folder, and choose Add > Class...

2. Give a name to it. Let's call it PlayerData and click Add

Adding properties to our PlayerData class

Inside the PlayerData class we can add the PlayerData's atributes, so lets add 3 properties: Id, Name and HiScore. Futurely it will be stored in the database automatically for us ;)

The complete PlayerData class will be:

    public class PlayerData
        public int Id { get; set; } // The player ID in the database
        public string PlayerName { get; set; } // The player nick name
        public int HiScore { get; set; } // The hight score in the game

Click Save in the toolbar or press Ctrl + Shift + S to save all.

Before continue...

Now, try to build the project by clicking BUID > Build Solution. If it fails, go back and revise your code.

Automatic database generation by Entity Framework

Entity Framework is an ORM: Object-Relational Mapping that is capable to generate databases automaticaly for us, we don't need to do nothing, once the project is started for the first time a database will be automatically generated based in our Model classes, it is called Code Fist. Tip: To open a database file, double click on it inside the App_Data folder of your project.


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