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Converting a C♯ object to Construct 2 Dictionary format

First Pass: Visual Studio

Now you are ready to use the Construct2Convert.ToDictionary() inside a Controller Action to convert objects or collections, like arrays, to the Construct 2 Dictionary data format, example:

    // An example object with the data to be sent to the game
    PlayerData playerData = new PlayerData();
    playerData.PlayerName = "John";
    playerData.HiScore = 999;

    // Use WebAPI2Construct to transform your data in a Construct 2 readable format
    var playerDataJSONDictionary = Construct2Convert.ToDictionary(playerData);

    return Ok(playerDataJSONDictionary); // Send the data to the game

Second Pass: Construct 2

1. When in Construct 2, use an AJAX object Request URL action to request the data to ASP.NET WEB API project that still runing in Visual Studio, or hosted in a web server.

2. Catch the data in the game using the AJAX On completed event.

3. Use a Dictionary object Load action to load the data from the AJAX.LastData variable.

4. After that you be able to read your data from inside the Dictionary.

Why using Construct 2 Dictionaries?

Using a Dictionary you will be able to send more complex data to the game at the same time.

Learn more at WebAPI2Construct project's website at GitHub


Download now 22.16 MB

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