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Now add text and name it txtNextline

Add another text and name it txtcounting

Add another text and name it txtNextline

Place this text like below:

txtNextline 352, 32, set size 128, 32

txtcounting Position @ 352, 64 set size 128, 128

txtNextline Position @ 350, 320 set size 128, 32

Create sprite and name it Blocks_Holder

Blocks_Holder Position @ 416, 416 and set size to 96, 96

Create another sprite name it Block_Rotate and set animation frame to 0 (Zero)

Block_Rotate set 416, 416 and set size to 64, 64 and paste it outside layer.

Now we need to check Falling_Blocks to see line has created at bottom or not if not then nothing happens but, if yes then we need effects of some king to inform player that line has been completed. Therefore create 7 (Seven) Particles and name it as below:

For Particles you can set property like so:


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