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Set Blocks _Wall property to SOLID

Place one Blocks _Wall on left at 16, 192 and size 64, 544

Place second Blocks _Wall at bottom 240, 480 and set size to 512, 32

Place 3rd Blocks _Wall 416, 192 and set size to 160, 544

Create sprite and call it Linechecker

Place it at 64, 448 and set size to 256, 16

Now placed walls looks like below:

Create sprite and name it Revolve_Blocks. Set size 16, 16 and paste it outside layer

For this you will need three Instance variables

Blocknext number = 0

createNewBlock True Boolean

rotateableBlock true Boolean

Now we need sprites for Falling_Blocks you can create your own or you can use my Falling_Blocks sprites below. Also remember to set animation speed to 0 (Zero)

Now add instance variable to Falling_Blocks below:

Falling = false Boolean variable

Move = 0 Number Variable


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