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Everyone likes to play challenging game. My grandson he is only 4 but he is on level 143 game call Minion Rush. He is crazy but I love him. Eldest grandson likes to play around with Tetris or Chess. He asked me if I could help him create game like Tetris on Construct 2. Once it is done I thought I share it with you people as well.

First open Construct 2 and create new project, call it Tetris Clone.

Set Windows size to 480, 480

Set layer size 480, 480 and call layer Background

Create 2 more layers and name them

Lock this 2 Blocks _Wall, Droping_Blocks

Add background tile, set size 480, 480 set place at 0, 0

Here is my Background below

Now lock this layer and unlock layer Blocks _Wall


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