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Now for Instructions we can just add text box and just add message what player has to do. Create textbox and name it txt_MSG. And place somewhere like this:

Now we must have game ending somewhere, therefore create GLOBAL Variable;

isAlive = 1

add this code;

Now if you run it you will have problem. Check it out, no fun is it?

Let’s correct this problem add this code in start of layout;

System set isAlive to 1

System set Score to 0

Now there is still little problem and that problem is if player is moving about, suddenly enemy spawn in identical position then player is dead. To correct this we can do many things but simple one will be is object OPACITY. You must be wondering how OPACITY will give us those options.

Add these 2 lines in system;

Now on enemy created add this line;

Now only code needs changing is below;

Global variable isAlive is game loop. Game will carry on until isAlive becomes to ZERO. Now I have shown you how to create this type of game.

From here on I want you to IMPROVE this game and see what you can achieve and accomplish your next masterpiece.

Good luck and God Bless

Lord Shiva bless you all



Download now 207.46 KB

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