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For player set behaviour to BoundtoLayout, so our player would not wonder of in Ashley office or bother Tom or Julian.

Now if you run this there won’t be much to see or do, therefore let’s open Event Editor and add some crunchy code.

Add textbox and name it txtScore, set positions where you like.

Add this line every tick Star_Enemy rotate clockwise 1 degree

This method of animation is very easy. See for you Star_Enemy is rotating nicely. This type of animation does not take too much Computing time, therefore I would advise to use these methods for rotating any objects.

Let’s add another event this time TOUCH:

Touch is in touch Player set position to Touch.x Touch.y

Now if you run it you will be able to move Player around on screen, also player will stay inside the layout too.

Now please move all enemy outside of your layout. Remember to add destroy outside layout behaviour to enemy sprites.

Add Global Variable Score = 0

Create Particles size 10, 10 and name it Particles_white

Use this for Particles_white guide or create your own. That is good fun!

Player is overlapping another object then adds 1 to Score, and destroys Collectable_Star.

Collectable_Star create object Particles_white

If you run this now you will see Collectable_Star is destroyed and score textbox is updated, but we need something that looks and feel good about destroying Collectable_Star. Therefore I have used Particles.


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