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People always say’s how can I start game in Construct2? Is it possible to create simple and effective game? More to the point Construct 2 is very powerful, I have said this in past and I am saying again. Depend on your capabilities.

Let’s start very simple game with no fancy, decorative, expensive, upmarket, and impressive or mind blowing graphics. Just simple sprites, that’s all.

Let’s start with new project and name it Collect Stars.

1. New project New SD Landscape 16:9 project

2. Keep window size to default 854, 480

3. Now the layout size is same 854, 480

4. Color this screen as you like or create background sprite like mine, set colour 0,0,102, size 854, 480 and position at 427, 240

My color screen looks like below:

Name layer Background and lock it.

Add new layer and name it player. For player you can load your on sprite or create one like mine and set size about 40, 40 and place it at 427, 240, name it player.

Now before we go any further let’s add Audio, Browser, Keyboard, Mouse, and Touch. Sprites and audio, browser etc look crowded therefore make folder and name it ABKMT and place all that in this folder.

Let’s add Enemies.

Place it anywhere you wish, name it Star_Enemy1, and set size 30, 30. Also add another star name it Star_Enemy2, set size 20, 20.

Clone above star and name it Star_Enemy3.

Now add behaviour SINE for Star_Enemy2, and Star_Enemy3.

Set Horizontal for Star_Enemy2

Set Vertical for Star_Enemy3

Add one more sprite; name it Collectable_Star, set size 48, 48


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