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Also add this line to your Player Events every tick

Now only thing left on Hudbar is Healing for player. Another how we are going to Implement or execute it? Well many ways one can do that. This is simple way to show you.

On Hudbar press V for creating Global Variable name it healing_Potions and set Value to Zero

Create Textbox on Hudbar layer and name it txtHealing. Place it by Healing Potions by spr_Boxes (3)

Ok now create group in our Player Weapons (Player events) name it Healing Power.

Add sub event for Healing Power like below:

That is it for Part 4 Next we will covering

• Importing our NPC art and animations

• Setting up our NPC interaction

• Programming our story-arc for our NPC to say

Good luck!

God Bless

Please I need feed back from you. If you don't make comment how do I know you learn anything from it. If you think I am wasting my time then I shall stop doing any tutorial in future

Lord Shiva


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